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Dealing with the Font Issue in Carrara 6 on Mac OS 10.6+

A now known issue in Carrara 6 with Mac OS 10.6 results in the fonts not appearing at all. Since Carrara 6 came out long before Mac OS 10.6 and was superseded by Carrara 7 and now Carrara 8, it will not be updated as it is no longer in development.

It is possible to change the font to a different font and thus enable fonts in the interface. To do this, use the screen shots below as guidance.

After the activation and language selection screens, you'll be greeted with a font-less interface in Carrara 6 in Mac OS 10.6. Here's how to change to a visible font. Even though there are no fonts, the menus and selections in the interface will still respond. Select the first menu on the top to the right of the DAZ Triangle. Then choose the Preferences option. Use the screen shot below to guide you to the right place.
The preferences dialogue box will open. In the preferences dialogue box, click the drop-down in the upper left. In the drop-down, choose the 'interface' option. Use the screen shot below as your guide.

Now you'll see box entries on the right side. Each one of these is a font. At this point, since you can't tell which is which, pick any. Then click the 'OK' button on the bottom right. The chosen font will now appear in the interface. You can go back to the preferences dialogue box and choose a different font now as desired.

Dealing with the Font Issue in Carrara 7 on Mac OS 10.6+

Always use care when editing the Preferences file.

You can change the font in the Preferences.txt file for Carrara. To do this, browse to the file which should be here:

Users:[User Account]:Library:Preferences:DAZ 3D:Carrara 7:Preferences.txt

In the document, find:

FONT “ “

Change the FONT line to:

FONT “Times”

Save the file and relaunch Carrara 7.