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Carrara 7 Pro Beginning Setup

These instructions explain in many details how to install and set up Carrara 7 Pro. There are forty six (46) download files for Carrara 7 Pro. Use these instructions as a road map to install Carrara and to keep track of what each installer does.

Most of the installers are for content products that can be used in Carrara 7, DAZ Studio, or Poser. These are bundled with Carrara 7 Pro, but are not essential for the application software to work.

The installers for the PC are executables. The installers for the Mac are in ZIP and Stuffit format. They uncompress to Bit Rock and VISE installers.

The download name of the installer–the name that you see in 'Available Downloads'–is given first, followed by the name of the actual file itself on the PC and the Mac.
This is an outline of the installation procedure for Carrara 7 Pro:

1) Download the installers.
2) Run the installers. Make sure to run the core installers first.
3) Launch Carrara 7 Pro and activate the software with your serial number.
4) Add content to the browser in Carrara 7 Pro, including the 'runtime' folder for Poser content.

As you can see, there are many files to download for Carrara 7 Pro. This article is a road map to help you install your Carrara 7 Pro software.

Download Installers ========= Core Installers

The following installers are the most important installers for using Carrara 7 Pro.

“Carrara 7 Pro Application”
(PC) ca_ap032_CarraraPro.exe

Users of Carrara 7 (Std) will have the following file names for the installers:

(PC) ca_ap038_CarraraStd.exe

This installer is the first one to use. Run it to install the core Carrara 7 Pro application. The default install path for the application is:

(PC) c:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara 7 Pro
(Mac) Applications/DAZ 3D/Carrara 7 Pro

“Carrara 7 Native Content”
(PC) 8394_ca_CarraraNativeContent.exe

This installer should be run second. It is essential for the native Carrara browser content. Without these, the landscape wizard and other wizards will not function. The install path for this file should be Carrara 7 Pro itself:

There is a particular issue with the Native Content Installer that affects users of Carrara 7 Standard and Carrara 7 Express. This issue does not affect users of Carrara 7 Pro.

(PC) c:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara 7 Pro
(Mac) Applications\DAZ 3D\Carrara 7 Pro

“Render Node for Carrara”
(PC) CarraraRenderNode.exe

This installer is exclusive to the 'Pro' version of Carrara 7 Pro. It is the network client. Render Node enables you to render a Carrara 7 Pro scene over two or more computers. This 'farming' of your computers can greatly increase render speed.

If you have two or more computers connected by a network, then you can use Render Node. If you are only working with one computer or if you do not wish to do network rendering, do not install Render Node.

“Carrara 7 Included DAZ Studio/Poser Content”
(PC) 8394_dpc_CarraraDAZContent.exe

This installer provides additional content.

Carrara Only Content Installers

The following installers are exclusively for Carrara. They are not essential, but highly recommended as they add useful shaders and show you what Carrara is capable of doing. The target folder for these installers should be the Carrara 7 Pro folder itself, as shown above.

“Digital Painters Shaders”
(PC) ca_sh005b_DPShaders.exe

Digital Painters Shaders

“DigitalPainters 3DPaint Brushes Sampler”
(PC) 8442_1_ca_DigitalPainters3DPaintBrushesSampler_1.exe

Digital Painters 3D Paint Brushes Sampler

“Howies Snow Scene”
(PC) 8444_1_ca_HowiesSnowScene_1.exe

Howies Snow Scene is a nice additional item provided with Carrara 7 Pro. Check out DAZ 3D's website to see other amazing products created by this top-notch brokered artist. HowieFarkes

“Carrara Hair Caps”
(PC) 8443_1_ca_CarraraHairCaps_1.exe

Carrara Hair Caps

“V4 High Res Shaders for Carrara 7”
(PC) 8440_1_ca_V4HighResShadersforCarrara7_1.exe
(Mac) 8440_1_ca_V4HighResShadersforCarrara7_1.

V4 High Resolution Shaders for Carrara 7

“M4 High Res Shaders for Carrara 7”
(PC) 8441_1_ca_M4HighResShadersforCarrara7_1.exe

M4 High Resolution Shaders for Carrara 7

Additional Content Installers

The remaining installers are content items that may be used in Carrara, DAZ Studio, or Poser. Some of these installers in fact only work in DAZ Studio (_ds_ and power loader). If you do not use DAZ Studio, then not run the DAZ Studio-only installers.

If you already have installed DAZ Content products like Victoria 4.2 or Michael 4, then you are already familiar with how to run these installers. You may install these items into your existing DAZ Studio content folder or install them into your Carrara 7 Pro folder. The choice depends upon how you want to have your content arranged. If you do not have DAZ Studio, then you should use the Carrara 7 Pro folder as the target folder.

It is necessary to add the 'runtime' folder into the browser in Carrara 7 Pro. This will be explained further on in this article.

“Victoria 4.2 Base”
(PC) ps_pe069_Victoria4.exe
(Mac) ps_pe069_Victoria4.sit

This installs the Victoria 4.2 base figure. It may be used in Carrara, DAZ Studio, or Poser.

“Victoria 4.2 DS Poses”
(PC) ps_pe069_Victoria4DS.exe
(Mac) ps_pe069_Victoria4DS.sit

This installer is for DAZ Studio only. It installs pose presets for use with the Victoria 4.2 base figure.

“Victoria 4 Base Power Loader (DAZ Studio Only)“
(PC) ps_pe069_Victoria4PwrLoader.exe

The power loader features only works in DAZ Studio. It gives you extra options when you load the Victoria 4.2 base figure.

“Amarseda Hair Poser”
(PC) ps_ac1827_AmarsedaHairPs.exe
(Mac) ps_ac1827_AmarsedaHairPs.sit

This installs the Poser Format for the Amarseda Hair product. This is the format to use in Carrara and Poser.

“Amarseda Hair DAZ Studio”
(PC) ps_ac1827_AmarsedaHairDS.exe
(Mac) ps_ac1827_AmarsedaHairDS.sit

This installs Amarseda Hair for use in DAZ Studio.

“Victoria 4 Basic Wear Part 1”
(PC) ps_ac1824_V4Basics1.exe

The first installer for the V4 Basic Wear. There are three in all.

“Victoria 4 Basic Wear Part 2”
(PC) ps_ac1824_V4Basics2.exe

The second installer for the V4 Basic Wear.

“Victoria 4 Basic Wear Part 3”
(PC) ps_ac1824_V4Basics3.exe

The third installer for the V4 Basic Wear.

“Victoria 4 Maps Std Res”
(PC) ps_tx1277_V4MapsStd.exe
(Mac) ps_tx1277_V4MapsStd.sit

Standard resolution texture maps for Victoria 4.2 figure.

“Victoria 4 Maps Std Res DS MATs”
(PC) ps_tx1277_V4MapsStdDS.exe
(Mac) ps_tx1277_V4MapsStdDS.sit

This is the DAZ Studio preset for Standard Resolution texture maps for Victoria 4.2 figure. This installer is only for DAZ Studio. DAZ Studio users must also run the above installer (Victoria 4 Maps Std Res).

“Victoria 4.0 Morphs++“
(PC) ps_pe070_V4MorphsDS.exe
(Mac) ps_pe070_V4MorphsDS.sit

Despite the label, these are the Victoria 4.2 Morphs++. They should be installed after the Victoria 4.2 base to the same exact path. For specific steps for installing morph add-ons for Victoria 4 or Michael 4, please see our knowledge base articles.

“Victoria 4.0 Morphs++ DS Poses”
(PC) ps_pe070_V4MorphsDS.exe
(Mac) ps_pe070_V4MorphsDS.sit

This installer is for use only in DAZ Studio. Despite the label, it is for Victoria 4.2. It installs additional poses and presets for Victoria 4.2 figure for use in DAZ Studio.

“V4 Morphs++ Power Loader”
(PC) ps_pe070_V4MorphsPwrLoader.exe

This is for the power loader feature in DAZ Studio. It only works in DAZ Studio and should not be installed into Carrara or Poser. If installed into Poser or Carrara, no harm will be done and the product will not behave any differently.

“Victoria 4 Developer Kit”
(PC) Victoria4DeveloperKit.exe
(Mac) Victoria4DeveloperKit.sit

This is for artists who wish to create content for Victoria 4.2. If you do not want to do this, do not run this installer.

“Michael 4 Base”
(PC) 7877_1_dpc_M4Base.exe

This is the base installer for Michael 4 figure. This is essential in order to use the Michael 4 base figure and add-ons for Michael 4.

“Basicwear for M4 - Part 1”
(PC) 8389_2_dpc_BasicwearforM4_2.exe

This is the first of two installers of Basic Wear for the Michael 4 figure. Both installers need to be run in order to use the Basic Wear product.

“Basicwear for M4 - Part 2”
(PC) 8389_3_dpc_BasicwearforM4_3.exe

This is the second installer for the Basic Wear for the Michael 4 figure.

“Michael 4 Morphs++“
(PC) 7878_1_dpc_M4Morphs.exe
This installs the Morphs++ for the Michael 4 figure. They should be installed after the Michael 4 base to the same exact path. For specific steps for installing morph add-ons for Victoria 4 or Michael 4, please see our knowledge base articles.

“Michael 4 Genitalia”
(PC) 7878_2_dpc_M4Genitalia.exe

The installer for the conforming Genitalia for Michael 4 base figure.

“Michael 4 Morphs++ Power Loader (DAZ Studio Only)“
(PC) 7878_3_dpc_M4MorphsPwrLoader.exe
(Mac) 7878_3_dpc_M4MorphsPwrLoader.zipo
This is for the power loader feature for M4 Morphs++ in DAZ Studio. It is for DAZ Studio only. It should be run after the M4 Morphs++ are installed.

“Michael 4 Genitalia Power Loader (DAZ Studio Only)“
(PC) 7878_4_dpc_M4GenitaliaPwrLoader.exe

This is for the power loader feature for Michael 4 Genitalia. It is only for DAZ Studio and should be run after the M4 Genitalia installer is run.

“Jai Hair”
(PC) 7966_2_dpc_JaiHair.exe

This installs the Jai Hair product for Michael 4.

“Michael 4 Skin Maps Standard Res Poser”
(PC) 7998_3_dpc_Michael4SkinMapsStandardRes.exe

This is the Poser installer for the Michael 4 Standard resolution textures. Poser and Carrara users only need to use this installer and not the DS installer below. DAZ Studio users should run both installers.

“Michael 4 Skin Maps Standard Res DS
(PC) 7998_4_ds_Michael4SkinMapsStandardRes.exe

This is the installer for DAZ Studio. Poser and Carrara users do not need this installer. DAZ Studio users should run this installer and the above installer for Poser also.

“Stylin For M4”
(PC) 8044_1_dpc_StylinForM4.exe

The Stylin for M4 product.

“Hand Poses for M4”
(PC) 7844_2_dpc_M4HandPoses.exe

This installs hand pose presets for the Michael 4 figure.

“Millennium Big Cat LE”
(PC) ps_an106_MilBigCatLE.exe

This installs the Millennium Big Cat LE (Lite Edition). The Lite Edition does not have any built-in morphs, but will accept all textures designed for the Millennium Big Cat. The default shape looks like a lion.

“Millennium Cat LE”
(PC) ps_an105_MilCatLE.exe
(Mac) ps_an105_MilCatLE.exe

The digital version of your favorite domestic feline. The LE (Lite Edition) does not have any built-in morphs, but will accept all textures designed for the Millennium Cat. The default shape is a typical house cat.

“Sea Dragon LE”
(PC) ps_an107_SeaDragonLE.exe
(Mac) ps_an107_SeaDragonLE.sit

This installs the Sea Dragon LE (Lite Edition).

“Millennium Horse LE”
(PC) ps_an110_MilHorseLE.exe
(Mac) ps_an110_MilHorseLE.sit

This installs the lite edition of the Millennium Horse. The figure will accept textures for the Millennium Horse but has no built-in morphs.

“Millennium Puppy LE”
(PC) ps_an201_MilPuppyLE.exe
(Mac) ps_an201_MilPuppyLE.sit

What could be cuter than the Millennium Pupppy LE? This lite edition accepts all textures for the Millennium Puppy, but doesn't have any built-in morphs.

Activation of Carrara 7 Pro

Before you can use Carrara 7 Pro for the first time, you must activate the software. The software will ask you for the serial number. You can look up the serial number in your DAZ 3D account in 'Available Serial Codes.' Input the serial number exactly as shown, including the hyphens (dashes).

Note for Vista Users
Vista users will need to run Carrara 7 Pro first as an admininstrator to ensure that the serial number is recorded. Otherwise, Carrara 7 Pro will probably ask you for the serial number every time you use it. To do this, browse to the executable for Carrara 7 Pro. Right-click on it and then left-click on 'Run as … administrator.' Input the serial number. After Carrara 7 Pro finishes launching, close the application and relaunch to verify that it worked.

How to add the runtime to Carrara 7 Pro

Carrara 7 Pro can use Poser content. This includes DAZ 3D's Victoria 4.2 and Michael 4 base figures. It is not necessary for Poser to be installed along with Carrara 7 Pro in order for Carrara 7 Pro to use Poser content.

In order for Poser content to show up in Carrara 7 Pro, you must add the 'runtime' folder. This can be the runtime folder inside of Poser, inside of the DAZ Studio Content folder, or inside of Carrara itself, if you have installed Poser content inside of Carrara 7 Pro.

To add the runtime, launch Carrara 7 Pro. In the Assemble Room, select the Browser. Then choose the last tab 'Content.' In the upper right corner of the Tab, you will see an icon that resembles a piece of paper with the corner folder. Click on this button to see a menu. In the menu, choose 'Add Runtime.' Now browse to the actual 'Runtime' folder on your hard drive and select it. The Runtime is typically located here:

Carrara 7 Pro ..Carrara 7 Pro\runtime

DS 2.x

DS 3.x


Once you've added the runtime, you will see the folder appear on the left side of the Content tab in the Browser. You can expand it to see all the subfolders typical for Poser-style content (FIGURES, POSES, etc.). You may add more than one runtime as needed to the Content Tab of the Browser.

Additional Resources

Here are some additional resources for learning and using Carrara 7 Pro:

The PDF manual for Carrara 7 Pro:

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