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Using 3D Brush Presets and 3D Paint on DAZ Figures

Install Path


Install the product to your Carrara 8 (Pro/Std) folder.

Applications:DAZ 3D:Carrara 8

The installer will write the files to:

Applications:DAZ 3D:Carrara 8:Presets:PaintBrushes

On the Mac, it is necessary to SHOW PACKAGE CONTENTS for the Carrara 8 application file and then browse to:


Then place the .cbr file or files into the above folder.


Install the product to your Carrara 8 (Pro/Std) folder.

C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara 8

The installer will write the files to:

C:\Program Files\DAZ 3D\Carrara 8\Presets\PaintBrushes

Selecting Brush Presets

In Carrara, select the item you wish to paint in the Assemble Room. Then choose the 3D Paint Tool.

Now you should see the tools above the view port and to the right.

On the right, choose the tab labeled 'Tool.' Then choose the texture square. By clicking on it, you should open the scene wizard menu. In this menu, select the name of the brush set in the upper left corner. Then select the specific brush you want to use and 'OK.'

Now you can use the brush you selected on the 3D object. 3DPaint requires that the model already has been UV mapped.

Painting Figures

Here are some pointers to keep in mind when using the 3D Paint feature with Figures.

Choose 'Model'

Make sure that you have 'model' selected in the instance tab, not the very top of the hierarchy. If you do not have 'model' selected, you will not get any 3D Paint tool options in the upper right.

Choose to 'Save as'

If the figure is a DAZ Figure, such as Victoria 4.2 base, you'll get a message if you attempt to use 3D paint on it.

This message is designed to prevent you from mistakenly editing the default texture. You have the opportunity to save the texture under a different name. This protects the original texture, but still allows you to edit the texture, now with a different name.

Choose 'Save as.' Now you can use 3D Paint on a DAZ 3D figure!