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Camera Cube

The Camera Cube is a new feature that has been added to DAZ Studio to help ease the process of positioning and moving the camera through the scene. If you do not wish to use this option then you may turn it off by toggling Show Camera Cube in the options menu.

The Camera Cube itself is designed after the various views listed in the View Selection menu. In past versions of studio these views were used outside of the camera. With the Camera Cube you can access the views with whatever camera you have selected. This will also work with the Perspective View option but will not work with views like Top, Bottom, or Front.

In order to access the different views you must click on their names. A highlighted square will appear in the center of the cube highlighting the name of the view that you will be selecting when you click. The views are Front, Left, Back, Right, Top, and Bottom. In order to turn the cube you must click on the bar along the side you wish to turn towards. The bar will similarly highlight when you mouse over it. You will also find that you have the ability to click on the corners of the cube. This will take you to a view where you will be facing three sides simultaneously. For example if you click the upper right corner of the cube while it is facing front you will then be able to see the Front, Top, and Left views of the scene.

Around the Camera Cube are located icons to move the camera. These icons possess the same functionality of their twin icons in the Camera Control pane. The only icon that is not represented is the Orbit Camera control. Every other control is present and also possesses the secondary function that can be used by right clicking. If the coordinates of the camera are changed you can still use the Camera Cube to rotate it without having to worry about it resetting to the default load position.