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There are several cameras and associated controls within DAZ StudioTM. The most familiar controls are those used to view the 3D space you create. Most users know the basics of creating and moving the camera using the main camera controls.

Other cameras include orthogonal and perspective views applied to view ports in the workspace. Together these controls allow the 3D artist to look around the scene and aid in the placement of objects. For more details on these cameras, follow the link to the User Documentation and review the sections under Tab References titled “Viewports and Cameras” and “Using the Camera Controls.”

This article covers the other camera parameters allowing detailed control over the viewing area, focus points and depth of field control. These parameters affect the cameras used to view the scene and the resulting rendered images. These also allow the 3D artist to manipulate the image to emphasize specific details, draw the viewer’s eyes to certain points in the image, and add a realistic handling of objects in the foreground and background. These controls replicate many aspects familiar to most photographers and duplicate these aspects in renders.