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Torus Editor

<p>Torus editor lets you adjust the inner radius of any torus object. The preview is automatically updated as you change the inner radius. You can zoom in and out of the preview window, and you can preview the torus object from different angles by rotating the preview image.</p> <p>To display the Torus editor:</p> <ol type=1> <li>Select a Torus object.</li> <li>Click the <img src="" width=10 height=10 border=0> icon that appears next to the object&rsquo;s bounding box.</li> </ol> <p>To adjust the inner radius of a torus:</p> <ol type=1> <li>In the Torus editor, drag on the <b>wireframe torus</b> in the preview window. Release the mouse when the radius is the size you want. You can also specify the inner radius by typing a value in the <b>Radius field</b> or dragging on the <b>arrows</b> next to the Radius field.<br><br> <img src="" width=150 height=199 border=0></li> <li>To zoom in and out in the Torus editor, hold down <b>Ctrl+Opt/Alt</b> and drag on the Torus in the Preview window.<br><br> <img src="" width=150 height=199 border=0> <img src="" width=150 height=199 border=0></li> <li>To preview a torus from different angles in the Torus editor, either hold down <b>Ctrl</b> and drag on the Torus in the preview window or press <b>Caps Lock</b> to toggle the continuous spin mode.<br> <br> <img src="" width=150 height=199 border=0></li> <li>Once you're satisfied with the radius and size, click on the <b>OK</b> icon to accept the changes.</li> <li>Check the edge of the torus to see if it's what you want. You can adjust the X, Y, and Z-size as needed to get different looks.<br><br> <img src="" width=118 height=131 border=0> <img src="" width=118 height=131 border=0><img src="" width=136 height=138 border=0></li> </ol> <p>You can get all kinds of cool shapes by adjusting the radius and size of the torus object:</p> <p><img src="" width=274 height=152 border=0> <img src="" width=159 height=145 border=0> <img src="" width=139 height=127 border=0></p>