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Rotate Tool

Rotate tool

Use the Rotate tool to rotate objects in 3D space. Objects can be rotated in World Space, Object Space, or Camera Space.

Rotate Tool

Most objects have a specific up, down, left, right, back, and front associated with them when you create them.

When you place the object in a scene, its orientation may need to be altered to achieve a desired effect. For example, an airplane that's taking off should be tilted upwards or tilted downward when it is descending. The Rotate tool has three states. As you move the cursor over the tool, one of the states becomes active. The different states let you rotate the object around different axes.

  • Rotating along the X-axis:

    Rotate on the X-axis Rotate on the X-axis example
  • Rotating along the Y-axis:

    Rotate on the Y-axis Rotate on the Y-axis example
  • Rotating along the Z-axis:

    Rotate on the Z-axis Rotate the on Z-axis example

There are four ways of rotating objects in Bryce:

  1. using the Rotate tool to resize an object along different axes
  2. using the 3D Transformations dialog, which lets you enter precise rotation angles
  3. using the object's control points to interactively rotate the object
  4. using the Object Attributes dialog to numerically rotate the object

Clicking the triangle icon to the bottom right of the Rotate tool brings up a popup menu with various options for manipulating objects.

Rotate Options menu

Click on the links below to learn more about each option: