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Reposition Tool

Reposition Tool

Use the Reposition tool to reposition objects along any of three axes.

Reposition Tool

The composition of your scene depends on the position of the objects relative to other objects. In most cases, you'll need to use the Reposition tool in conjunction with the Resize and Rotation tools to create the desired relationships.

  • Repositioning along the Y-axis moves the object up and down on the Y-axis.

    Reposition on the Y-axis
  • Repositioning along the X-axis moves the object along the X-axis.

    Reposition on the X-axis
  • Repositioning along the Z-axis moves the object along the Z-axis.

    Reposition on the Z-axis

Positioning applies to objects, groups, and families as well as lights and the camera. In this section the term “object” also refers to the camera and lights.

There are four ways of positioning objects in Bryce:

  1. using the Reposition tool to move objects along a specific axis
  2. using the 3D Transformation dialog to enter specific offset positions
  3. by dragging the object to a different location
  4. by using the arrow keys to nudge objects.

Clicking the triangle icon to the bottom right of the Reposition tool brings up a popup menu with various options for manipulating objects.

Reposition Options

Click on the links below to learn more about each option: