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Updating Imported Animations

<p>Once you've imported your animation from DS into Bryce, you may find that you need to make some changes to the animation. However, you do not want to just go back into DS and reimport the animation into Bryce.</p> <p>When you import static objects from DS into Bryce, then go back into DS to make changes, Bryce deletes the old object and imports the updated object as a new object. The same thing happens to the object(s) for an animation but the old animation is deleted and the updated animation is imported.</p> <p>To update an imported animation:</p> <ol type=1> <li>Launch DS by clicking the <b>Launch DAZ Studio</b> button located at the right side of the Create palette.</li> <li>Modify the animation as needed, close DS, and the animation will import into Bryce.</li> </ol>