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Importing Static Objects via Studio Link

<p>Bryce makes it extremely easy to import figures and props from DS using the Launch DAZ|Studio button. Scenes can also be set up in Poser, then the Poser scene imported into Bryce via DS.</p> <p>Bryce treats imported DS objects as primitives, meaning that bones and joints do not transfer between applications.</p> <p>Bryce creates one object per body part per material. For example, if a finger group has two materials (such as Skin and Nails), Bryce will create Pinky_Skin and Pinky_Nail objects. You can access these objects by ungrouping the imported object(s) or pressing Cmd/Ctrl and left-clicking on top of the object and choosing the required mesh from the list.</p> <p>All DS material settings transfer to Bryce. We recommend setting material attributes inside DS to take advantage of the material groups assigned to the DS objects.</p> <p>To import static objects from DS:</p> <ol type=1> <li>Launch DS by clicking the <b>Launch DAZ Studio</b> button located at the right side of the Create palette. DS will be launched. <br><br> <img src="" alt="Launch DAZ|Studio" width=582 height=97 border=0><br><br> Remember to set the diffusion values to 1 prior to closing DS.</p></li> <li>Once you have created your DS scene, exit DS OR click on the <b>Return to Bryce</b> button to return to Bryce with your object(s) in your Bryce scene. <br><br> <img src="" alt="Return to Bryce" width=220 height=227 border=0><br> <br> If the Return to Bryce button is not visible, choose <b>View &gt; Tools &gt; Bryce</b> while in DS.<br><br> DS will close and Bryce will import the object(s).<br><br> <img src="" alt="Imported Object" width=329 height=252 border=0></p></li> </ol>