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Importing Static Objects via Studio Export

<p>It's not always practical to import figures from DS using the Launch DS link in Bryce. To help with this, DS provides a specific export filter for Bryce that takes into account how Bryce reads reflection, bump, and transparency maps. In addition, DS will gather all the image maps together into folders in the same folder as the OBJ.</p> <p>To import static objects from DS:</p> <ol type=1> <li >Launch DS and load the figures, etc. you need for your scene. Remember to set the diffusion values to 1 prior to exporting from DS.</li> <li >Once you have created your DS scene, choose <b>File &gt; Export</b> from the menu in DS.</li> <li >Make sure that <b>Wavefront Object (*.obj)</b> is selected, then enter a filename, and click on <b>Save</b> to save the file to your computer. <br><br> <img src="" alt="Name and save file" width=563 height=437 border=0></li> <li >The <b>Export dialog</b> will come up. Choose <b>Bryce</b> from the pull-down menu and set the scale. The default is 100% but that is probably going to be too large once you return to Bryce. Start at 50% and modify it as needed as you gain experience. If parts of the figure have been set to invisible, check the <b>Do not export Invisible Nodes</b> option so they aren't brought into Bryce.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Basic export options" width=238 height=465 border=0></li> <li >Click on the <b>Advanced tab</b> and select the options you want to export. Make sure you select to <b>Convert Maps (for Bryce)</b> especially if the maps include transparencies and bump maps.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Advanced export options" width=238 height=465 border=0></li> <li >Click on <b>Accept</b> and DS will export the mesh and save the maps to a folder in the same directory as you saved the mesh to. It will also convert the maps so that Bryce can correctly import the bump maps, transparency maps, etc.</li> <li >Exit DS.</li> <li >Open Bryce and choose <b>File &gt; Import Object</b> from the menu. The <b>File Open dialog</b> will come up.</li> <li >Locate the mesh file and click on <b>Open</b>. Bryce will import the object.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Imported Object" width=329 height=252 border=0></li> </ol>