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Breaking Link from Studio

<p>Sometimes it is necessary to break the link between a static object in Bryce and the original file in DS, for example:</p> <ul> <li>When you are finished modifying an imported object and are ready to finalize the scene.</li> <li>When you want to duplicate an imported object but keep the original one.</li> <li>When you want to remove parts of the imported content, the link to Studio will need to be broken before you can delete the part. Not breaking the link will delete all the imported content instead of just the part you wanted to remove.<br> <br> <i>Just remember ... don't break the link to DS for an imported animation or the animation will no longer work.</i></li> </ul> <p>To break the link between DS and Bryce:</p> <ol type=1> <li>Select the object group in Bryce that you want to break the link to.</li> <li>Choose <b>Objects &gt; Break DAZ|Studio Link</b> from the menu.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Break link to Studio" width=281 height=334 border=0></li> <li>The object is now a standalone object that can be manipulated without affecting the DS file.</li> </ol> <p>Remember, once you break the link between DS and Bryce, the object can no longer be modified via DS.</p>