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Importing Animations via Studio Link

<p>Bryce 6 adds the ability to import full animations from DS, including textures. In order to keep the Bryce files down to a more manageable size, Bryce uses DS as an animation plug-in, saving the figure and the animation in a DS scene file instead of in the Bryce scene file. If the animation and objects were physically imported into Bryce, each frame would require a new object which would increase the file size of the Bryce scene file and cause memory issues, effectively limiting the ability to import more than about 10 seconds of animation. By using DS to store the objects and animations, the number of frames that can be imported into Bryce is practically limitless (well, depending on what your machine can handle that is).</p> <p>There are some known issues with this new function:</p> <ul> <li>Breaking the link to DS deletes the animation in Bryce since the animation is stored in the .daz file. After breaking the link, closing the Bryce scene file, then re-opening the scene file, Bryce will re-import the animation and objects. You'll now have a static object from the original scene and a new object linked to the &quot;new&quot; animation. Basically .... <b>DON'T BREAK THE LINK TO DS FOR AN IMPORTED ANIMATION!!!!</b></li> <li>Trying to import a second animation after breaking the link to a previous animation will crash Bryce. Instead of trying to import two or more separate animations, build all the animations in DS (either as one file or multiple, then merge), then import the full animation into Bryce.</li> </ul> <p>To import animations from DS:</p> <ol type=1> <li>Launch DS by clicking the <b>Launch DAZ Studio</b> button located at the right side of the Create palette.</li> <li>Load a figure into DS and animate it using the Timeline tool. You can also import a saved Poser file containing a figure with an animation applied, apply a saved animation pose file to the figure, or import a BVH file.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Launch DAZ|Studio" width=582 height=97 border=0><br><br> Remember to set the diffusion values to 1 prior to closing DS.</li> <li>Once you have finished animating the figure, save the scene by choosing <b>File &gt; Save As &gt; Scene</b> from the menu. This is just a precaution because mistakes do happen.<br><br> <img src="" alt="Animate figure in Studio" width=550 height=536 border=0></li> <li>When the scene has finished saving, exit DS by clicking on the <b>Return to Bryce</b> button to return to Bryce with your object(s) in your Bryce scene. You can also return to Bryce by clicking on the <b>X</b> button in DS, pressing <b>Ctrl-Q</b>, or choosing <b>File &gt; Quit</b> in DS.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="Return to Bryce" width=220 height=227 border=0><br> <br> If the Return to Bryce button is not visible, choose <b>View &gt; Tools &gt; Bryc</b>e while in DS.</li> <li>DS will close and Bryce will come back up from the background with the Import Studio Animation dialog showing. Accept the default of 0 to import the entire animation or enter the time or frame number to start the import at. Please note that currently, the frame import indicates the Bryce frame not the DS frame.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="Import Animation Settings" width=267 height=129 border=0></li> <li>Click on the <b>OK</b> icon to close the dialog and begin the import. Bryce will first convert the objects then the animation.</li> <li>The imported objects with animations will import at full Poser/DS size. Once imported, you can select all the objects, group them, then resize or move the group as needed.</li> <li>In the image below, note that the animation timeline is filled with the imported animation. You can preview the animation or play it, just remember that doing so will not be as smooth or fast as an animation containing a couple of objects.<br><br> Note: Playing the animations is not compatible with the OpenGL display modes since the display cannot refresh quickly enough and the meshes break apart temporarily.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="Animation is imported and reflected in timeline" width=550 height=411 border=0></li> <li>Setup and render the animation just as you would any other animation.</li> </ol>