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Sky & Fog Palette

Sky & Fog Palette

The controls available on the Sky & Fog Palette let you add shadows, fog, and haze, and let you set the altitude, frequency, and amplitude of clouds. The Sky & Fog Palette also lets you control the color of clouds in your sky and the position of the sun and moon.

A Bryce sky defines the virtual environment of your scene. Unlike many other 3D applications, the Bryce virtual environment is not merely a backdrop; it is an infinite 3D representation of natural environmental phenomena.

All of the elements in your sky interact with each other just as they would in the real world. Colors in your environment interact with everything in your scene just as they would in nature. For example, red sunlight is invisible until it strikes an object; then the object exhibits red highlights. If it's a blue object, it takes on a purple cast and so on.

The colors in the sky change depending on the position of the sun, and how much moisture (Haze, Fog) is present in the atmosphere. All this, plus natural reflection, refraction, and more make the Bryce Sky & Fog Palette responsible for a great deal of the natural, or supernatural, look and feel of Bryce images.

The objects in your scene may look incredibly realistic on their own, but when you add a sky, the scene becomes a window looking out into a real world. You can add even more realism to a sky by enabling one of the many environmental effects available for skies. Using these effects you can create night skies full of stars, or have a bright rainbow streaking across the roof of your world. One of the most spectacular effects is the Volumetric World effect. When this effect is enabled all the light in your scene appears as visible rays. This is similar to the effects of light shining through clouds on a hazy day.

Like any other scene setting, skies can be animated. Any property of a sky can be changed at different points along the animation timeline. When the animation plays, the sky property will appear to change over time. Using this technique, you can create a scene that changes from day to night, or from clear to cloudy.

The Sky & Fog Palette is where you'll set up the attributes of your environment. The palette uses visual controls in the form of thumbnails to help you see how changing the value of an attribute affects your sky.

The name of the control you're adjusting appears in the Text Display area of the Control Palette. You can also use this area to help guide you if you prefer numeric precision, as when you are adjusting the setting of a control; this area displays the current control's value.

Text Display Area

Each control has at least one color swatch along the bottom of the thumbnail. These swatches are used to set the color for a given sky attribute, like cloud color or fog color. Next to the thumbnails are a series of controls that let you set the frequency and amplitude of clouds, set the position of the sun or moon, and store sky properties. You can see their effects in the Preview Area.

The triangle icon next to the Sky & Fog button at the top of the Bryce window lets you access the Preset Skies Library.

To open the Preset Skies Library, click quickly on the triangle icon next to the Sky & Fog button at the top of the Bryce window. Please note that if you hold down the mouse key for too long, the library will open, then close immediately. To keep the library open, click quickly on the triangle icon.

Accessing the Sky Library

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