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Customizing Bryce

Moving Palettes

<p>Most of the palettes can be moved around the Bryce interface. This allows you to take advantage of some of the space around the Working Window and save time since you don't have to keep clicking the buttons at the top of the window to change palettes.</p>   <p>To move the palettes: </p>   <ol type="1">   <li><p>Move the cursor over the palette to be moved and press the **Space Bar**. The cursor will change to a hand.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="Select palette to move" width="186px" height="523px" border="0"></p></li> <li><p>With the <B>Space Bar</B> still pressed, left-click-drag the palette to where you want it.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="Move palettes around interface" width="211px" height="557px" border="0"></p></li> <li><p>Repeat for any other palettes you want to move. Using this technique, you can have the Create, Edit, and Sky &amp; Fog palettes active at the same time instead of having to click on each palette name each time you want to use it.<br> <br> <img src="" alt="All palettes moved around interface" width="500px" height="472px" border="0"></p></li> </ol>   <p>Note that the Time and Selection palettes cannot be moved separately. Continue to use the Time/Selection Toggle to switch between them. </p>

Reset All Palettes

To reset all the palettes to their original positions, select Edit > Reset Palettes from the menu or press Opt/Alt+Spacebar+click on any palette.

<img src="" alt="Resetting palettes to default positions" width="244px" height="439px" border="0">

Display or Hide Palettes

To keep the interface uncluttered, some of Bryce palettes and toolbars may be hidden.

To hide or display palettes, either click on a text button above the Working window or press the key combination for the desired palette:

  • Ctrl+1 - Create palette
  • Ctrl+2 - Edit palette
  • Ctrl+3 - Sky & Fog palette
  • Ctrl+4 - Control palette
  • Ctrl+6 - Advanced Display palette
  • Ctrl+Tab - Display or Hide all palettes

Hide Interface

To hide the Bryce interface, press Cmd/Ctrl+Alt. All the palettes disappear and your image appears at the center of your work space.

Press Cmd/Ctrl+Alt again to display all the palettes.