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Create Palette

Create Palette

The main tool for creating objects is the Create palette. This palette provides access to tools that let you create all the object types available in Bryce. The tools on the palette represent the type of object they create. The name of each tool appears in the Text Display Area and as a Tool Tip as you move your cursor over it. When you click a tool, the object appears in the center of the workspace or scene depending on your preference setting.

To display the Create palette, click the Create button button at the top of the Bryce window.

To use a Create tool:

  1. Display the Create palette by clicking on the Create button.

    Create button
  2. Click on the tool for the object type you want to create. The object appears in the working window.

The Triangle icon next to the Create button at the top of the Bryce window lets you access the Object Presets Library.

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