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Bundle: V3 Digital Beauty Design Kit (Pro)


<div class="AB_bundle">
<a name="bn_002922"></a><br>
<span class="AB_bnmain"><a class="AB_bn_item" href="" target="_blank">2922</a> - <a class="AB_bn_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_bn036</a> - <a class="AB_bn_prod" href="" target="_blank">V3 Digital Beauty Design Kit (Pro)</a></span> (No longer available.)
  <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1098</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_pe036</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Victoria 3.0 Base</a></li>
  <li class="AB_bninbn"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">3008</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_mr130</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Victoria 3.0 Head & Body Morphs</a>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1100</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_mr017</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Victoria 3.0 Head Morph Pack</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1106</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_mr018</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Victoria 3.0 Body Morph Pack</a></li>
  <li class="AB_bninbn"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2364</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_mr095</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Maps and Morphs</a>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2386</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_mr096</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Morphs</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2387</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx720</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Skin Texture 1</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2388</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx721</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Skin Texture 2</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2389</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx722</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Skin Texture 3</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2390</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx723</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Skin Texture 4</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2391</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx724</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">International Beauties Skin Texture 5</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnxtra"><span class="AB_noitem"></span> - <span class="AB_nosku"></span> - BONUS! V3/SP High-Resolution Ethnicity Head Makeup Textures:<br><span class="AB_space" style="width: 12.95em;"></span>5 Texture Maps For Type I, II, III, IV, V @ 2719 X 4000 pixels each</li>
  <li class="AB_bninbn"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1871</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_bn002</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">4 in1 Hair Bundle</a>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">436</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_ac169</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Morphing Flat Top</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">958</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_ac312</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Cool Coils</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1265</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_ac424</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Updo Hairstyle 2.0</a></li>
      <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">1339</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_ac457</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">Millennium Flip Hairstyle 2.0</a></li>
  <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2316</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_ac840</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">V3 & SP Clothing Pack</a></li>
  <li class="AB_bnprod"><a class="AB_item" href="" target="_blank">2947</a> - <a class="AB_sku" href="" target="_blank">ps_tx908</a> - <a class="AB_prod" href="" target="_blank">The Chic Boutique</a></li>