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Download Reset

Sooner or later, you will want to download or redownload a product that you've made an order for. This article explains how to reset your downloads so you can download products to your computer.

There are two places where you can see content in your account:

The first page, Available Downloads, is for download files. The second page, 'Itemized Order History,' shows you an entire record of your purchases on your DAZ 3D account. The 'Available Downloads' page is for temporary use. Whenever you purchase a new product or reset an existing order, all the pertinent files for that product will appear and be available for download on the 'Available Downloads' page. Each file will be available for five days or four download attempts, whichever comes first. Don't worry. You can reset it.

How to Reset Your Downloads

Here's how to reset your downloads for any downloadable product you've purchased through our website.

  • Log into your DAZ 3D account on our site.
  • Click 'My Account' in the upper right.
  • Click on 'Itemized Order History.'
  • You'll see a list of your purchases. Scroll down to the purchase you want.
  • Click 'Reset' to the right of the order.
  • You should see a notice that you may have to wait as much as 30 minutes. In practice, the wait is usually less than five minutes.
  • Wait up to five minutes and then visit or refresh your 'Available Downloads' page.
  • You should see the files for that product.

The 'Available Downloads' page is temporary so that you won't have to hunt and peck through dozens of installer files.

Download Reset Limitation

You may reset a product up to three times in a three month period. Each reset gives you four download attempts. We do this to encourage responsible use of bandwidth. If you are having download problems and need more attempts, please contact customer service. Remember that you may always make a back-up copy of the product for your own use.