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Mens underwear

Additional information

  • The DAZ Studio material poses work in both DAZ Studio 2 and 3 (and Advanced version).
  • If you want to bend the thigh backwards further than the limits, use the Adjust glutes morph to fix pokethrough. Use the 3 adjustment morphs to help with extreme posing in general.

Vendor website

Product Readme

Required Products:

  • Michael 4 Morphs++
  • Michael 4 Base
  • M4 Elite Body Shapes
  • Hiro 4 Base

Notes from the artist:

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:
  • Figures: “Mens Underwear”
  • Pose: “MAT Mens Underwear”
Product Notes:
  • DAZ Studio Users:
    • You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→ MAT Mens Underwear directory.
    • There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets.
  • Poser Users:
    • It is recommended that you do not delete the .DS files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio.
  • General Notes: please read, important information
    • The shorts load smooth by defaut. Try the “wrinkles”, “Bulge” and “lower waist” morphs to get the look you want. There are also some adjustment morphs and some simple movement morphs.
    • The shorts load without textures. You should apply one of the material poses. This ensures that DAZ Studio users don't forget to load the correct materials.
    • The details of the clothing are created with a displacement map, so it is very important that you turn displacement ON when rendering (choose “Use displacement maps” in the Render/Render settings window in Poser).
    • To get a good rendering of the thin patterns, you should use high quality render parameters. In Poser, the Minimum Shade rate should be very close to zero and the pixel samples should be set to at least 3, preferably higher.
    • You can color the shorts any way you want by using the white texture and changing the color in the diffuse channel of the materials.