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Product: Atonement
Product Code: TBC
DAZ Original: No
Created by: Redhouse Studios
Released: October 13, 2009
Required Products: none.
Related Products: none.

Additional Promo Images

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Product Information

Atonement - Reconciliation between God and humans.

An aged, weathered and worn resting place featuring distressed and damp surfaces, under a veil of decaying ivy. It comes complete with interior walls, articulating doors, gravestones (adjustable headstones) and modular elements to load complete or in sections as required.

The visual styling means it can be used in many different settings: historical, fantasy or present-day, with high resolution texture maps ideal for close and high resolution renders.

The set comes with a full set of cr2's and Poser/DS MAT files to allow the set to be easily loaded and customized. Also included are bonus presets for owners of the Guildhall set to load up and place wall lights from that product in this scene. A DS light preset for these wall lights are also included to further enhance the scene.

Product Notes

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “Atonement”
  • Camera: “Atonement”
  • DS Light: “Atonement”

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

  • “Environments:Architecture:Atonement”

Quickstart Guide

In the Runtime/Figures/Atonement folder load the !Pre_All cr2 file to preload the complete Atonement set, this includes the bonus light presets which reference the Guildhall set.

If you wish to preload the items individually, use the !Pre_GH and !Pre_Tomb cr2's and then load any additional items with the other cr2 files.

Detailed Instructions

Atonement is made up of separate sections, which when loaded will create an a full Tomb set, with surrounding grounds and interior.

Breakdown and explanation of preload cr2's:


This loads up the complete set, including buildings, ivy, ground planes and wall lights from the Guildhall set. Due to the nature of the ivy sections, this is has a very high poly count.


This loads the complete Gatehouse, which flank the main tomb. It is centered, and preloaded with the 4 seperate ivy sections.


As above, but exteneded with the wall lights from the Guilhall set.


This loads the complete Tomb, including ivy, small outer ground, and gravestones in the inner grounds.


As above, but exteneded with the wall lights from the Guilhall set.


This loads the Guildhall wall lights for the Gatehouse only.


This loads ivy section 1 for the Gatehouse.


This loads ivy section 2 for the Gatehouse.


This loads ivy section 3 for the Gatehouse.


This loads ivy section 4 for the Gatehouse.


This loads the Gatehouse, centered.


This loads the tomb exterior, centered.


This loads a large tiled section of ground planes, tailored to fit around the base of the tomb.


This loads in a smaller ground plane, which is fully tilable to extend areas as required.


This loads the grave with the first texture applied.


As above, but with the second texture.


This loads the outer ground and path that surrounds the Tomb exterior.


This loads the Guildhall wall lights for the Tomb only.

Camera Presets:

Included in this set are 6 Poser camera presets. These can be found in the Runtime/Cameras/Atonement folder.

Light Presets:

Included in this set are two D|S wall light preset (saved as a scene file) located in Content/Environments/Architecture/Atonement. They are split for either the Tomb or Gatehouse sections. Just select the preset and click 'merge' to add them into the scene.


Included are Poser and D|S specific MAT files. For Poser, they are located in the Runtime/Materials/Atonement folder. For D|S, they are located in the Content/Environments/Architecture/Atonement folder.


The promos were created in D|S 3.0 using Light Dome PRO and UberEnvironment. The product was tested in Poser 6, DS 2.3 and DS 3.


Our thanks and gratitude go out to everyone who supports our products..thanks and enjoy.

Known issues


Resolved issues



Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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