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LIE Dirt Pack

LIE Dirt Pack Instructions/Tutorial

(This is the tutorial that comes with the product, without the images…)

These instructions will show you how to apply the individual dirt presets and how to place them wherever you want without leaving DAZ Studio. A preset for each of the main texture maps (head, body and limbs) has been created for each type of type of dirt to allow you to easily move them around. If you want just plain dirty, you can do it in a single click, as you can for dirty faces, limbs or body. This tutorial focuses on the individual dirt elements. Moving the Wounds within DAZ Studio

1. Load your chosen M4 or V4 figure apply your desired morph and texture. It is important to do this first. I’m using StephanieBT’s Dulce in this example.

2. With the figure selected, double click on your chosen dirt and wait for it to appear on the face. We’ve chosen Face Grungy Dirt here.

3. If you are happy with the position of the dirt and the way it looks, you can simply finish preparing your character and render the result. Or you can keep adding dirt until you find one that is not where you want it. I will now show you how to move the dirt around without leaving DAZ Studio. 4. Once the dirt is applied, select the map that the wound is applied to. In this case, “Skin Face” is sufficient, but select “all surfaces that use this texture map” if you intend to use displacement. When you do so you will notice something has changed under the diffuse color tab - the name of the of the texture map now has the name of your preset appended to it.The surfaces tab drop down menu also has a an option for “Layered Image Editor”, so select this option:

5. This will open the LIE with the face texture and dirt applied. Maximize the screen and select “Zoom to Fit” so you can see the whole texture. The “layers” are listed on the right had side. Be careful to select the wound and not the face texture because if you move the face texture by mistake, you will have to cancel and reopen the LIE as there is no “undo” function.

6. Place your pointer on the dirt and drag it to your chosen new position on the map. You can also alter the size rotation, transparently and blend. Experiment with these to find the combination that best suits your texture and your artistic vision.

7. Select “Save” and the LIE will return you to DAZ Studio with the wound in its new position.

8. If you are happy with this result, go ahead and add more dirt and complete your scene.