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Marrakesh Souks


Product: Marrakesh Souks
Product Code: TBC
DAZ Original: No
Created by: Redhouse Studios
Released: October 7, 2009
Required Products: none.
Related Products: Kingdom of Marrakesh, Kingdom of Marrakesh By Night, Ochre City for Kingdom of Marrakesh

Additional Promo Images

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Product Information

Marrakesh Souks - A backdrop to a vibrant melting pot of cultures, languages, shops and stalls. This versatile exterior pack includes everything you need including structural parts: walls, ground, arch and doorways (4 styles). Detailing includes fully articulated doors, windows, Wall lights, sun screen and 3 styles of awnings. All of these are feature both preload and individial cr2 presets for maximum versatility.

Also included are bonus preload presets for owners of Lisa's Botanicals - Tropicals and Jewel of the South (Kingdom of Marrakesh) expansion packs. These load in potted palm bushes that you can see in the promo images. They are a nice addition but not a strict requirement to use the rest of the set.

Additonal bonus items include a P6 enviroment lightset, a D|S light preset for the wall lights, 5 Poser camera presets as well as D|S and Poser 6 MAT files.

Product Notes

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser Libraries:

  • Figures: “Mar_Souks”
  • Camera: “Mar_Souks”
  • Light: “Mar_Souks”

You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ Studio Folders:

  • “Environments:Architecture:Mar_Souks”

Quickstart Guide

In the Runtime/Figures/Mar_Souks folder load one !Pre_All cr2 files to preload the complete Souk. Any additional elements can be added by loading their respective cr2 file.

The files are situated in the Mar_Souks folder of each respective Poser Runtime/D|S Content areas.

Detailed Instructions

The Marrakesh Souk is made up of separate sections, which when loaded up will create an enclosed street made up of 2 wall sections, an arch, ground, 8 doorways wall lights and 2 sun screens.

Breakdown and explanation of preload cr2's:


This loads up the complete street section. You can then extend the street by loading up another and placing it behind the archway. Alternatively, this can be done in postwork.


This loads in the complete left hand wall section.


As above, but the right hand wall section. Note how the door ways are in different locations, these can be customized further if required using the separate wall, and gate presets below.


This loads the arch section only.


This loads in the tiled roof section for the arch.


This loads in the first awning style for the shop front.


As above, but the second awning style.


As above, but the third awning style.


This loads in the first gate style for the shop front, with the doors preload and parented to it. Each gate style has its own texture map too, as well as matching textures for the door.


As above, but the second gate style.


As above, but the third gate style.


As above, but the fourth gate style.


This loads the doors only with a default texture. Additional textures can be applied for each gate style by using either the P6 or D|S MAT's located in Runtime/Libraries/Materials/Mar_Souks or Content/Environments/Architecture/Mar_Souks


This loads in the ground section.


This loads in the low resolution interior sections for both the lower and upper shop interior.


This preload loads up both the plant pots from Jewel of the South and palm bushes from Lisa's Botanicals - Tropicals packs.


As above, but in a different location.


As above, but in a different location.


As above, but in a different location.


This loads the sun screen.


This loads one of the individual upper windows for the wall section.


This loads a single wall section.


This loads a single wall light.

Camera Presets:

Included in this set are 5 Poser camera presets. These can be found in the Runtime/Cameras/MAr_Souks folder for Poser.

Light Presets:

Included in this set are a Poser environment light preset located in the Runtime/Lights/Mar_Souks folder and D|S wall light preset (saved as a scene file) located in Content/Environments/Architecture/Mar_Souks.


Included are Poser and D|S specific MAT files for both styles of textures. For Poser, they are located in the Runtime/Materials/Mar_Souks folder. For D|S, they are located in the Content/Environments/Architecture/Mar_Souks folder.


The promos were created in D|S 3.0 using Light Dome PRO and UberEnvironment. The main image was created using Lightwave 9.6 and Promo 8 in Poser 6. The product was tested in Poser 6, DS 2.3 and DS 3


Our thanks and gratitude go out to everyone who supports our products..thanks and enjoy.

Known issues


Resolved issues



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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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