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aniMate Carrara aniBlock Importer Starter Bundle

  • Plugin Installation:
    • Windows
      • Point the installer to your base Carrara install folder.
    • Mac
      1. Open the Carrara 7 program folder on your Mac.
      2. Ctrl-click on the Carrara application and select 'Show Package Contents'.
      3. In the newly opened Finder window, navigate to Contents\MacOS\Extensions.
      4. Extract the contents of the ZIP file, run the installer.
      5. Open the 'Extensions' sub folder where you installed the product and copy the files to the Contents\MacOS\Extensions folder. Do not copy the entire folder, ONLY the files.
        • aniBlockImporter.dat
        • aniBlockImporter.mcx
        • aniBlockImporter.txt
  • A product video tutorial can be found online at: