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Zetta Boots


RGUS Render

  • Texture View:


  • V4 Base model required.
  • Following morphs and characters recommended and supported: V4++, Aiko4, The Girl 4, V4 Elite, V4 Male. Custom Characters: Alice, GND, Pretty IV Base, Evolution Eve Van Helsing morph.
  • DAZ Studio 3.x or Poser 6 and up recommended. Product may work in, but has not been thoroughly tested and optimized for earlier versions.


  • Load V4 into the scene and inject desired morphs.
  • Apply “Prep V4 feet” pose to your V4, provided with the product.
  • Load Left Boot into the scene. Boot should fit to V4 automatically. In case it does not fit automatically, select the boot, go to the Parameters tab, and select “Fit to V4”
  • Repeat for the other (Right) Boot.
  • Morph and pose your character and boots as desired.
  • POSER:
  • Load V4 into the scene and inject desired morphs.
  • Apply “Prep V4 feet” pose to your V4, provided with the product.
  • Make sure V4 in your scene is selected. This step is critical to ensure Superconforming and JCM's work properly.
  • Load Left Boot into the scene.
  • Select the boot, and conform to V4
  • Make sure V4 in your scene is selected AGAIN.
  • Load Right Boot into the scene and conform to V4.
  • Morph and pose your character and boots as desired.


  • Alice, GND, Pretty Base and Helsing FBM's are not super conforming and will need to be manually dialed in clothing to match figure. Morph Pose has been provided to assist and may be used if desired.
  • The Boots make use of JCM and Super conforming (crosstalk) features. It is recommended you follow the above loading procedure to ensure the morphs in the clothing link properly to those in the V4 figure. If the JCM or Super conforming link should break or not take for some reason, you may still use the Dial(s) in the BODY (or body part) group to manually adjust as needed.
  • Magnetizing the boots to V4 is not necessary but may help prevent poke thru with some poses. If you chose not to magnetize at the step outlined, you can always do so later if you wish. Or you may be able to use one Loosen-Tighten or Styling morphs to adjust the fit and occasional pokethrough as needed.
  • StylingMorphs - these morphs are useful in fitting and posing. Dial setting values can range from 0 to 1 and sometimes over and under +/- to obtain desired results. Please take you time to familiarize yourself with their look and function.
  • LoosenTighten Morphs - these morphs aid in adjusting fit and correcting minor poke thru you may encounter with some poses. Dial value settings generally range from 0 to 1 however + or - values (higher or lower) may also be used, particularly if morphs are used in combination.
  • BodyMorphs - Full Body Morphs to match those commonly used with V4. The dial setting values on these are best kept between 0 and 1. Higher or lower setting +/- can yield undesired results. However, you can often use the Loosen-Tighten and Styling Morphs to compensate.
  • “Discarded” morph simulating crumpled up boots is generally meant to be used on a free floating unconformed piece. Experimenting is encouraged and it may or may not yield interesting results.
  • Poser and DAZ Studio materials have been assembled to work with medium intensity white light. For more refined results, specularity, reflection, diffusion and other shader parameters may need additional adjustments to perform best under your lighting of choice. This is normal. There are no “one size fits all” solutions for every shader/lighting combination.





Converting to M4 in DS3, By Syndaryl:

As reported in Zetta Relase Party Commons Thread:
OK, it turned out easier than I thought. Using JUST Morph Loader, Morph Follower, and the MorphtoCR2 script found in the Freepository.
1) Load V4.
2) Apply M4's OBJ file as a morph to V4 via morph loader. Dial it up to maximum.
3) Load a boot and Fit it to V4, don't bother with the V4 boot fit pose.
4) Activate Morph Follower! Wait patiently.
5) Use Morph to CR2 to “Move” the morph out to a new CR2 for Michael. Wait VEEEERY patiently again, script is slow in DS3.
6) Load M4, load new boot CR2, laugh madly.
I love that script SOOOO much.
* Mad laughter is optional, but recommended. After all, you've just performed Mad Science!!!


  • before DS2 optimized mats for the Zetta Boots become available
  • Make a copy of a …\runtime\libraries\Pose\Zettas\MATS directory. I usually name it “MATSDS2”
  • Delete .dsb files from the …\runtime\libraries\Pose\Zettas\MATSDS2 directory. This will leave you with Plain Poser .pz2 files which will load the textures onto the boots, in a normal DAZ Studio fashion. Specularity, bump and other material settings need to be optimized manually.
  • Free utility to convert DS3 materials to DS2 is available here: CPM-Create Poser Mats, however, we at BadKittehCo have not had a chance to use it, and are not able to offer advice on the subject. When we make the DS 2 mats they are handmade, with manual adjustment to various settings. This is because DS2 and DS3 materials typically do not use identical settings.