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NGM for Victoria 2

Natural Gravity Morphs for Victoria 2 is a set of morphs that mimics the force of gravity on large breasts. Big breasts on Poser figures usually tend to extend perpendicular to the chest, which in the real world is impossible… even with silicone implants. Breasts are soft and with some weight due to their size. They tend to pulled down due to the force of gravity; they move down conforming the chest as they grow in size. These morphs do that! NGM for Victoria 2 will give a very natural look to your nude renders with the help of seven specialized morphs that represents some of the thousands of breast shapes that exists in real world. This time I have included a couple of Petite morphs so there is something for everyone in this set of Natural Gravity Morphs. Now you can obtain gorgeous natural breasts on Victoria 2!

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible

Poser 6 and above

DAZ Studio 2.3 and 3 (with the help of a plugin)

Needed Files:

- Victoria 2 - Inject PMD by DeltaX15. You can find the plugin here:


Victoria 2 is one of the best all time products of DAZ, she had a great body and lots of morphs included. You could morph her very well allowing you to make very realistic and distinctive characters. Despite her age in digital terms, good work can still be done with her. That is why there is now an NGM for Victoria 2. Spice up your renders including this gorgeous gal from the past!

NGM for Victoria 2 consist in a total of 14 specialized morphs in pose files.

These 14 NGM dials are examples of some of the most common distribution of breast shapes at large sizes, ok, some are not so real but you will love them ;)

NGM morphs are deceptively simple but they have a huge amount of work behind them. For example, the compatibility they have with Victoria 2 own morphs in the chest area allows you to obtain even more great looking breast shapes just by combining them.


=== This version of NGM use PMD technology to add the morphs and the required channels to Victoria 2. I choose this method because Victoria 2 was made before the injection technology thus she don't have empty morphs channels built in and therefore they have to be created in order to inject NGM morphs. This could be done easily with python scripts in Poser but DAZ Studio can't read python so users of this application would not be able to use this product. On the other hand DAZ Studio can read .pmd files but not natively so DS users just need to do an extra step to be able to use NGM for V2 morphs.===

NGM for Victoria 2 is different also in the naming conventions, this time the main geometry based morphs are named with numbers instead of letters and go from NGM_0 to NGM_6.

The rest of the morphs are a combination of the main morphs and dialed V2 chest morphs. The names go from NGM_a to NGM_g. They can easily be spotted because the main morphs has a light gray background and the mixed morphs has a dark background.

Poser Users:

To use them, simply load your Victoria 2 figure from the library and then double click on the Pose file named: !!NGMV2_INJ. You will find it in your Pose library in the following location Pose/NGM_V2 and the morphs will inject into the figure. You can find them in the Chest of the figure under the group node “NGM”. There are no NGM dials in the BODY for compatibility purposes with DAZ Studio.

DAZ Studio Users:

*First you need to install the plugin “InjectPMD” according to the instructions provided in the link of the Needed Files section.

Load your Victoria 2 figure from the library and then go to Menu/ Edit/ and at the bottom of the list select InjectPMD. Then you will be asked to locate the injection pose file, you can find it in the following location: Pose/NGM_V2 For_DazStudio!!NGMV2_INJ, click Ok and the morphs will be Injected into the figure. You can find the morphs in the Chest of the figure under the group node “NGM”. There are no NGM dials in the BODY for compatibility purposes with DAZ Studio. Also there is no Remove (REM) option for the DAZ Studio version. In the Pose/NGM_V2 folder, you will also find 3 Reset Pose file, one for the NGM morphs, one for the Breast morphs of V2 and one to reset both sets of morphs. They are very useful if you have played with the dials and end up with unwanted results. Textures, Nipples and Areola Size Extra attention has been taken to ensure the least possible distortion in this area. However, this could be affected by how the texture has been done. Second skin textures can also look distorted in the breast area. This is because of the extensive polygon reorder that has to be done to obtain certain breast shapes. To get a bigger breast size, the polygons need to be pulled out to new positions, causing the UV map to be stretched. I have tried to minimize this in most of the NGM morphs, but some of might show some texture stretching. This problem is not as visible with regular skin textures though.