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By: IgnisSerpentus Release Date: August 2009
Store Product Page: City Of The Dead


Props Included

  • Ankh Staff with Cobra (Left and Right hand parents)
  • Pair of Scorpion Braziers (Left and Right versions)
  • Crown with Cobra
  • Morphing Date Palm with 15 Morphs
  • Obelisk
  • Egyptian Pyramid
  • Temple
  • Temple Floor
  • Temple Roof
  • Throne with Scarab
  • Egyptian Urn with the Eye of Horus
  • Full Scene file, that loads all the architectural props assembled for you

Poses Included

  • 5 Poses for the Staff
  • 5 Poses for the Throne
  • 5 Poses for the Staff and Throne combined
  • 5 Egyptian Styled Poses

6 Mats for Crown

  • Carnelian
  • Chrysoprase
  • Ivory
  • Lapis
  • Onyx
  • Turquoise

2 Lights for Temple


To locate the props, go to your props folder and find the Queen of the Nile Folder. You will see a myriad of props here, listed above. To load each, simply double click the icons. You will see that everything loads scaled to V4, and in some cases that is rather large (to mimic actual Egyptian Architecture) The Date Palm has 15 morphs in it, to change it shape so when you load many, you can make them all look different. The Urn also loads rather largely, as it was designed to be able to house the Date Palm as a potted plant form – you can scale the urn down if you wish, but keep in mind to tweek the displacement value lower as well, or it will be too pronounced. The architecture requires displacement be enabled (as all the wall reliefs and hieros are done with displacement) The floors on the temple require raytracing, should you wish to have them be reflective. Keep in mind, raytracing will slow down the render somewhat, but it isnt necessary to use it all the same. Also, the crown included also has 5 mats to go with it – to apply these mats, the crown must be loaded onto a figure, or the mats will not apply. You must also be sure to select the head, then select the crown for the mats to apply as well.

There are also 20 poses included in this set, which work with the staff and throne props. 5 Are for just the throne, 5 are just for the staff, 5 are for the staff and throne combined, and 5 are Egyptian styled (done in such a way as to mimic papyrus paintings, and the way Egyptians were depicted on them) To use these poses with the props, simply look at each thumbnail to see what prop and which hand it uses, load that hand then poses for perfect alignment. Keep in mind that when using the poses for the throne with the full scene thats included, you will have to move Victoria 4 slightly to the right. This is because the stairs on the temple are not perfectly centered, and the throne had to be moved minimally to the right.

There are also 2 lights included that are intended for the throne room on the temple. They are darker and moodier lights that were designed to look as though the braziers were really lit with fire.


Color coded and labeled templates for all figures and props are available, so you can make your own textures.

This set includes DS MATS By Elliandra

The thumbnails for the pose and light files are the standard 91×91 resolution, so that they will show properly in DAZ Studio. If you are a poser 5 or higher user and prefer the larger thumbnails (which are 125×125 in size), you can download them here: City Of The Dead Thumbs

Please Note:
Bigger thumbnails will NOT work in DAZ Studio, nor lower versions of Poser, so only download these if your using Poser 5 and higher.

Instructions to install larger thumbnails:
These are set up to the same exact locations as the original sets thumbnails. To install, simply unzip it to your Poser Runtime, and overwrite the old thumbnails.

Technical Support is always available. If you have questions that need answers, feel free to email me –

If you have any questions about the DS mats included, you can contact Elliandra, as she is the artist that created the DS related files –