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Jepe's Tye For The Freak 4


4 Face Options

        o 1 Shaven
        o 1 Unshaven
        o 2 Beards 
  * 6 Body Texture Options
        o Smooth
        o Smooth Veins High
        o Hair
        o Hair Veins High
        o Hairy
        o Hairy Veins High 
  * 10 Eye Color Options
  * High-Resolution Textures Include:
        o 3 Torso Texture/Bump Maps (4000x4000)
        o 1 Torso Displacement Map (4000x4000)
        o 4 Face Texture/Bump Maps (4000px4000)
        o 2 Limbs Texture/Bump Maps (4000x4000)
        o 1 Limbs Displacement Map (4000x4000)
        o 10 Eye Texture Maps (1024x1024)
        o 1 Eye Transparency Map (1024x1024)
        o 1 Tear Specular/Bump Map (1000x1000)
        o 5 Gen Texture/Transparency/Displacement Maps (3000x3000)
        o 1 Teeth Texture Map (2000x2000)
        o 1 Transparency Map (1024x1024) 
  * P6+ Material Poses (.PZ2)
  * DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DS) 

For big “complete” DAZ Studio and Poser renders please visit my gallery at ArtZone: