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V4 Skeleton

Basic Use

This product is easier to pose if you FIT the V4 Skeleton to the V4 Base figure (In Poser, Conform to).

First, load the V4 Base figure into the scene.

Now load the V4 Skeleton into the scene

In DAZ Studio, you can do 'Zero Pose' on the V4 base figure in the Parameters Tab.

Now, with V4 Skeleton selected, fit it (conform it) to the V4 base figure. The Skeleton will disappear inside of the human figure. That's okay, because you can make the human figure invsible or semi-transparent.

To fit something to something else in DAZ Studio, select what you want to fit (in this case, the skeleton). Go to the Parameters Tab. Scroll down until you find the drop-down for 'Fit to.' Click on this and choose V4 in the drop down.
Now pose the V4 base as desired. The skeleton will follow along exactly.

Make the V4 base invisible or semi-transparent as needed. Your skeleton is now posed and visible!

How to Hide the Red Disks

The red disks are helpers to aid in posing. To hide them, select the skeleton. Then browse in the content tab or library panel (Poser) to POSES –> !DAZ's Skeleton –> Transparent Helper. Double-click 'Transparent Helper' and the red disks will disappear.