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Luscious Curves for V4 A4

Luscious Curves for V4 A4

For free morphs to fit clothing to Luscious Curves, visit:
Free Luscious Curves Clothing Fits

Clothing Supported:

Please see the tutorial provided with this product. It is also included below for your convenience.

Morph Presets

  • Applying any of the head presets will zero any expression you may have previously applied to Victoria's face. This is because some of the head presets use expression morphs. Zeroing the expression morphs may alter the face slightly.


  • Limits can be left on when applying any of the Luscious Curves poses.
  • It is recommended to turn off inverse kinematics before applying poses. A utility pose has been included for your convenience.
  • The poses will not affect any character morph that is already applied to the figure.


  • The included lights are for Poser 6+ and will not work properly in DAZ|Studio.
  • The IBL light in each set has ambient occlusion turned ON. This will increase render times significantly, especially if you have transmapped hair in the scene. For faster renders, unselect the 'Visible in Raytracing' in the hair's Properties tab or unselect 'Ambient Occlusion' in the light's Properties tab.
  • To render the shadows properly, make sure that both the 'Raytracing' and 'Cast Shadows' are selected in your Render preferences.

Below is a screen capture of the Render Preferences I used for the promotional images. This is Poser Pro v7.0.4.220, so your preferences screen may differ slightly.