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NGM for Victoria 4 Elite/Utopia

Natural Gravity Morphs for Victoria 4 Elite/Utopian is a set of morphs that mimics the force of gravity on large breasts. Big breasts in Poser figures usually tend to grow perpendicular to the chest, which in the real world is impossible even with silicon implants. Breasts are soft and with some weight due to their size tend to move down attracted by the gravity force; they move down conforming the chest as they grow in size.

System Requirements:

PC and Mac compatible Poser ProPack and above DAZ Studio

Needed Files:

Victoria 4.2 Victoria 4 Elite morphs (Utopian) Victoria 4 morphs++ (required for the extra breast shapes)

Due to the way this morphs are done they will not work on V4 without the FBM Utopian applied to her (Elite morphs)


Victoria 4 Elite/Utopian is a great addition to Victoria 4 since it increase her power and versatility but because this extreme change of shape sometimes breast morphs like the NGM for V4 doesn't work right or give strange results if you try to use them on her.

For instance NGM for Victoria 4 on Victoria 4 Elite/Utopian won't work properly, that's why I made this set of morphs.

Now you can obtain the same gorgeous effect of NGM morphs on Victoria 4 Elite/Utopian.

NGM consist in a total of 6 specialized morphs and 5 extra shapes in pose files.

These 6 “seed” dials are examples of some of the most common distribution of breast shapes at large sizes, I called them “seed” because they are the starting point of new ones.

This pack comes with 6 extra shapes as pose files so you can see how new shapes can be obtained combining this morphs. To use this files you need to have already installed the Victoria 4 morphs++ in you Runtime.

NGM morphs are deceptively simple but they have a huge amount of work behind them. An example of this is the compatibility they have with Victoria 4 morphs++ in the chest area which allow you to obtain even more great looking breast shapes.


To use them, simply load your Victoria 4 figure from the library and then double click on the Pose file named: !!!NGM Utopian_INJ. You will find it in your Pose library in the following location Pose/NGM_V4/NGM_Utopian folder and the morphs will INJect into the figure. You can find them in the Chest of the figure under INJection Channels:Community. You must select the Chest actor to access NGM fine tune morphs.

In the Pose:NGM_Utopian folder, you will also find a Reset Pose file. It is very useful if you have played with the dials and end up with unwanted results then want to start fresh. The Reset Pose only works with the Chest actor selected.

In the Pose library, the seed Pose files thumbnails have a light gray background and end with a zero or capital letter. The preset combination Pose files have a dark gray background and end with a lower case letter.

Fine Tune Morphs

I have included 3 fine tunning morphs:

  • Relax1
  • Relax2
  • NippleExpand

These morphs will aid in the creation of other shapes and help fix minor issues. The Relax morphs are designed to reduce artifacts at the neckline area between the breasts. If you set the breasts too close to one another, some polygons may cause a bulge in the above mentioned area. NippleExpand is meant to be used if you turn on the nipple morph available in the Victoria 4 morphs(you should). Sometimes the nipple will look too thin. This morph will increase it's girth and make it look more natural.

Textures, Nipples and Areola Size

Extra attention has been taken to ensure the least possible distortion in this area. However, this could be affected by how the texture has been done.

V4 has a well defined nipple material zone. If the merchant of a texture set kept the nipple texture inside the defined area, there won't be odd things like huge ar eolas or smudged textures. But if the merchant decided to extend the nipple zone into the torso zone, then texture distortion can occur. Second skin textures can also look distorted in the breast area. This is because of the extensive polygon reorder that has to be done to obtain cer tain breast shapes. To get a bigger breast size, the polygons need to be pulled out to new positions, causing the UV map to be stretched. I have tried to minimize this in most of the NGM morphs, but some of might show some texture stretching. This problem is not as visible with regular skin textures though.