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Boot Hill

Product: Boot Hill
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Nerd3D
Released: 2008-10-14


image_medium.jpg The Nerd3D Boot Hill is a collection of Figures and Props that can be used as set pieces in Poser and DAZ|Studio.


The Boot Hill set includes one figure and several props. For most scenes you will only need to load the Boot Hill figure. You may want to add some to the props to increase detail in the scene. This package has a high polygon count. You may want to hide unnecessary parts of the figure while posing the scene. The Foxtails, Weeds and Grave Marker parts cary the most polygons.

DAZ|Studio user will want to apply the included Studio Specific sets. The Studio version will load much, much faster and is optimized to use with Studio. Only use the Studio version of the materials. They will configure the Bump and displacement correctly for studio.

Poser 6 users should check the Max Texture Size in Render settings. This set uses high resolution textures and it needs them. You will likely need this set at it's highest setting, 4096. Poser 5 is not supported.

All the grave markers have unique material zones. This allows you to move the names around by just applying the material with the name you want.


Why is does the set look blurry in Poser 6? These versions of Poser have an option in render settings called “Max Texture Size”. This needs to be set higher. For close in work you will need it all the way up, 4096.

Why do I only see a couple or rocks when I load the set? The set is so big that it's loading around the camera. Move the camera back and up to get outside the hill.

Why don't the materials apply in DAZ Studio? You have to select object two ways before applying a material preset. First select the object from the Scene Tab and then select the surfaces from the Surfaces Tab. If you only select the surfaces, nothing will happen when you apply the preset.

Where are the MAT-Poses? There aren't any. Many of the materials can be applied to different zones. The grave markers for example can have any of the included names applied to them. This is not possible with MAT-poses. Having both types of materials seemed redundant.

I need more help, how can I contact you? I'm best reached by sending me a Private Message from the Forum. This will insure that we can communicate without worrying the message got lost in a spam filter someplace. You can also send email to Please include the word “Poser” in the subject. If you don't get a reply within 24 hours please use a private message it's very likely my reply got spam filtered someplace.