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The Wingless Wyrm

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Poser/DS Technical Notes

DS Usage: If using this figure in DS, always apply the desired MAT preset (via the Poser Pose directory) before rendering. While DS will automatically load the correct Material preset from the Poser Pose library, it will not make the same adjustments from the Figures Library. So, even if you wish to retain the default skin texture, click on the appropriate 'MAT' thumb anyway, to set the correct displacement and specularity settings for DS renders.

Loading up Your Wyrm:

These instructions will assist in creating a fully 'loaded' Wingless Wyrm, complete with tack and rider.

  1. Load Wingless Wyrm in default pose (DO NOT POSE IT YET, LEAVE IT IN THE DEFAULT LOADING POSITION!);
  2. Apply desired MAT pose file to Wyrm;
  3. Load Wingless Wyrm Spines, and 'conform to' (Poser) or 'fit to' (DS) the Wyrm;
  4. Apply the MAT Spines Saddle pose file;
  5. Load Wingless Wyrm Saddle, and 'conform to' (Poser) or 'fit to' (DS) the Wyrm;
  6. Load Wingless Wyrm Bridle, and 'Set Figure Parent' to the Wyrm's Jaw (Poser) or using the Scene Hierarchy pane (DS) drag the Bridle to drop it on the Wyrm's Jaw in the Scene Hierarchy;
  7. Load Rider - ensure that IK is turned OFF for all limbs (Poser);
  8. Apply appropriate Rider Pose. Fingers and Feet will be appropriately placed on the saddle-grip and in the stirrups, respectively. For the Freak and the large-footed non-human characters, you can adjust the width of the metal stirrups using the morph in the 'Saddle' bodypart;
  9. Parent the rider to the 'Saddle' bodypart (see #6 above) of the saddle - rider will now stay put in the saddle as the Wyrm is moved;
  10. Pose the Wyrm figure, using a supplied preset or your imagination!
  11. Pose the rider (In Poser, turning IK on for the feet will ensure they stay positioned in the stirrups as you adjust the rider's torso)

Finally, Adjust the reins, using the instructions in the following section…

Posing the Reins:

EasyPose dials for each rein are located in the BODY of the Bridle;

  1. Rein1 (left and right) rotate in a single axis only - pose them first to get the appropriate angle looping from the metal 'ring';
  2. Next, create the overall shape of the first part of each rein, using the EasyPose dials;
  3. In places where the reins change direction (curving around the Wyrm's turned neck, for example), select a rein-part near where the direction change occurs, and you can use the 'RestofRein' to NEGATE the previous bends from that point onwards, and start fresh;
  4. Use the individual Twist/side/bend dials on each part to follow the contours of the 'obstruction';
  5. Once the curve around the obstruction is cleared, by using the normal bend/twist/side dials on any required parts, you can again use the 'RestofRein' dials to pose the remaining segments in a smooth curve.
  • ALTERNATIVELY, Poser users can turn on IK for the reins, and move the ends roughly into position; then tweak to fine-tune the rein positions.
  • NOTE: These two methods (EasyPose and IK) are mutually exclusive; you must use one method or the other, or risk unexpected results.


you may want to save a new cr2 of a 'loaded-and-mapped' Wyrm (plus Spines plus Saddle plus Bridle) to your figures library, to have a preconfigured model just a click away for next time!