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Product Name


Product: Walk Designer for M4
Product Code: ps_mo441b
DAZ Original: NO
Released: 09/17/2008

Product Information

  • Required Products: Michael 4
  • You can find icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Poses: “Walk Designer”

Product Notes

**The Nerd 3D Walk Designer for Michael 4 **

The Nerd 3D Walk Designer for Michael 4 (N3-WD-M4) changes files related to Poser® Walk Designer. It also adds blend styles to allow Walk designer to work with DAZ® Michael 4. The Update changes the basic functionality of walk designer to permit future additions of other figure types.

WARNING: This installation needs to replace several files in the …\Runtime\Library\Pose\WalkDesigner folder. Back up this folder before installing the update.

When Installing in Poser 5 you must apply the SR4 patch BEFORE installing N3-WD-M4. Future patches to poser will likely require you to reinstall the N3-WD-M4 after applying the patch.

Once installed the Walk Poses are available in the Pose > WalkDesigner Library. To Open Walk Designer Click Window > Walk Designer. It will take some time to open as Poser needs to rebuild the Walk Designer Cache files

Open Poser and load a figure. Open walk designer from the Window menu. Walk designer will take a few minutes to load because it has to load all the new blend styles. This only happens the first time you load Walk Designer. In Walk Designer click the figure type button and choose the same type figure as you loaded in the posing window. Note: It may take a minute or two for the new figure type to load. If you click the “Walk” button now the figure will not do anything. This change was necessary to accommodate different style figures. From the list of blend styles choose an appropriate walk blend. Set it to 100%

You can also mix blends. 50% M4 Walk and 50% M4 Hero will produce a mildly proud walk cycle.

The blends are additive, That means 100% Walk and 100% Slipper will produce a wildly exaggerated walk. When mixing blends you want to set the sliders to total about 100%. This actually gives you much better control over the finished walk cycle than the original system. You can produce a very mild stroll by setting the blends to less than 100%, or a wild march by setting the blend sliders higher.

The Walk Tweaks work as they always have. Some of them may even work better like the “Stride” and “Leg Lift” tweaks.

Once the walk looks the way you want it click the Apply button. In the Walk Apply dialog set the Start and End Frames as needed.

DAZ Studio doesn't have a Walk Designer, but you can still use the included blends as animated poses. While you don't get as much flexibility as Walk Designer you still have 15 walk styles to choose from. To create figure movement apply the 30 frame pose repeatedly. Now move the body of the figure to keep the feet planted. It may help to apply a graph texture to the floor when you are setting up the figure travel. You will probably want to stop at each foot fall and reposition the figure. This is easier than it sounds and can produce very good results.


When I click “Walk” the figure just stands there.
You have to set the blend sliders. The default walk has been removed to allow Walk Designer to work with other figures. If no blends are set the figure will just stand there. The value of all the sliders together should be around 100%.

There are random kicks and jerks in my walk animation is there a way to fix this?
Walk Designer Does this with some blends, fortunately it's easy to fix and there are 2 ways to correct it. The easiest way is to use the free Smoother Python script by Ockham. His page is here: If you want more control you can use Poser's graph tool. Select the body part that is jerking and press [Crtl]+[Shift]+G to open the graph tool. Select the dial that is effected. As you scroll the graph tool the glitches or “Outliners” will be obvious. select the key(s) that are out of line and delete them. Sometimes you will need to delete keys from two or three channels. For example if the foot is getting snagged you may need to delete keys from the Z-Translate and Y-Translate curves.

How do I install this in Poser 5?
BEFORE you install this you need to install the SR4 (or later) patch.

Can I change the speed the figure walks?
By design the walk designer requires a pace to last 30 frames. Most people don't take exactly 2 steps per second. (That's really fast) Poser has a built in tool for this. Once you are happy with the walk cycle and path, after you have applied any extra animated poses you can retime the figure's animation. Select Retime from the Animation menu. With this tool you can speed up or slow down a walk to get exactly the look you want.

Why does Walk Designer takes FOREVER to load! (Poser Only)
This should only happen the first time Poser loads Walk Designer. If the problem continues you may have a corrupted cache file. Delete the “Don for Walk Designer.PWD” file form the WalkDesigner pose folder. Poser will recreate the file on the next launch and from then on Walk Designer will load quickly. If you write protected your “Don for Walk Designer” file at some point you should delete the saved file. Poser will recreate it the next time you launch walk designer. Since SR4 was released the performance of walk designer is greatly improved. Walk designer will load 2 or 3 times faster if all the blends in the WalkDesigner folder are compressed. (Doesn't make sense, but that's how it works) If some of the files in your WalkDesigner Pose folder are “PZ2” files you can use the built in “Compress Files” python script to automatically compress those files. Be sure to point it to only the WalkDesigner folder and make sure the check mark is on delete original files. Walk designer will choke if there are duplicate blend names. Compressing all the blends will greatly decrease the time it takes to switch figure types.

Where is the original walk cycle?
It's still there. The blend is named “Original Walk” just set it to 100% and you are back to walking the old way. This blend works best on the original Poser Male figure.

I had some PWK presets saved, how can I use them now?
Sorry, the changes to walk designer will cause these old presets to freak out.

Michael walks really weird, his legs are to far apart!
Most likely you forgot to load the correct figure type before applying the blends in Walk Designer. Be sure to load the correct figure type each time you open Walk Designer.

Can I make Walk Designer always load my favorite figure instead of the Default Guy?
Yes you can. Inside Poser's runtime folder there is a folder called Figures (Not inside the library folder!) Inside that folder there is a file called walkDesignerFigure. It has no extension but it is a text file. Open it in with a text editor like notepad. Don't use Word or any other word processor. Inside you'll see references to several figures. The lines with the double slash are comments. Put a double slash in front of the line that doesn't already have it. Now type “readScript” and space and then the full path to your desired walk designer figure. Put the figure path in quotes just like the example lines in the file. Save the file as text, make sure it still has no extension. The next time you open Poser Walk Designer will use the new figure automatically.

Why does the hip swing tweak make the figure wobble side to side?
This is a limitation of walk designer. The hip swing tweak replaces the hip and abdomen movement of the selected blends with a predefined hip movement. Any blend that contains hip movement will look weird when this tweak is used. The “Standard” blends use very little hip movement and will work as designed with the Hip Swing tweak.

My figures feet are broken off and fly all over the place! (Poser 5 Only)
You need to upgrade to Poser 5 SR4. See, I meant it when I said you needed SR4!

Why do my figure's feet end up below the floor?
Walk designer prior to Poser 6 does not “Drop” the figure on the floor. This is easy to fix. Open the animation palette ( [ctrl] + [shift] + V ) and expand the “body” of your figure. Drag a box around all the keys (The green squares) for the Body's yTran value. Delete all the yTrans keys. Don't do this on the hip! You must use the “body”.
Now on the first frame set the yTrans value so your figure's feet are properly placed on the floor.
This also works great for setting up a walk that uses platform heels. You can use this to compensate for the thickness of the heels.
There is also a way to do this with the graph tool. Make sure IK is off for all limbs. On the Parameter palette select the graph for the HIP's yTrans. Drag to select the entire animation. It can be tricky to get the whole animation in one drag. You can use [shift]+ drag to add to the selection. Once the whole thing is selected. Use [ctrl] + Drag to move all the keys for the yTrans up till the figure's feet are properly placed on the floor.
The graph tool method has the advantage of producing an animation that can be saved as a pose. As you may know Poses don't include body translations.

Where can I get more help?
There is a FAQ at the Nerd3D web site or you can contact DAZ or Nerd3D.


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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