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**Fantasy Landscapes Mega Pack for Vue**

Fantasy Landscapes is a great way to jump start your Vue landscaping library, and combines the best selling Forgotten Places, and Lonely Places landscape packs by leading Vue content creator Martin J Frost. This Package for Vue D Esprprit Six or above combines the power of Vue's ecosystem technology which enables you to create instant highly detailed landscapes at the click of a mouse, with highly detailed procedural distant landscape textures which instantly transform your hills and mountains! These two packages come together to create a Vue tool of awesome power and versatility. With this package you can create an infinite number of landscapes, with complete ease! Please note that you need to own a version of Vue that has ecosystem technology in order to use the ecosystem portion of this package.

Forgotten Places is a bundle of plants, ecosystems and materials for Vue D Esprit 6 and above. It will instantly transform your landscapes into rolling grass land, flowering heath land, brush covered scrub land, bogs, mooreland and wasteland. In short it has an ecosystem to cover pretty much anything you need. There are 25 solid growth plants included, many of which come in different versions to add variety and realism to your renders! The nine ecosystems cover most open terrains you might need for either fantasy or more realistic scenes. They can be used in wild, rural and urban settings. The four material files included are designed to compliment the ecosystems and help you blend other objects and liquids seamlessly in to the scene. Please note that the ecosystems will only work if your version of Vue supports ecosystem technology (that’s Vue Pro Studio, Vue 6 , Infinite and Vue Extreme) If your version of Vue can edit ecosystems you can add or alter the ecosystems in this package to make even more diverse and interesting scenery. Forgotten Places has been designed to be a great base or starting point for all genera of scenes. All textures are either hand painted, high-resolution digital photographs or procedural textures made inside Vue it self to give you the highest quality product.

To change the base material for an eco :
Its very simple to change or edit the base or soil material in an ecosystem, first double click on the ecosystem material in the main vue (top right hand corner of the pane) this will open the material editor, then open the general tab, you will see the base material on the right hand side of the bottom of the pane. you can change the material by clicking on the little globe icon under the picture or edit the material be double clicking on it and opening up a new material editor window for it.

Decay near foreign objects:
In the Density tab of the material editor you will find, in the bottom right hand corner of the editor a panel which says 'Decay near foreign objects'. This if checked and given a value will cause the ecosystem to fall off or fade out near foreign objects, Unless you specifically want this to happen i recommend un-ticking this check box as it can cause huge problems and large bare patches in your ecosystem which look very unnatural. However if you do want a slight drop off in the density of your plants and rocks near to an imported or foreign object such as a peron, or a house for example, then check this option and set it to 0.1 % in the top slider. (you can type the figure in to the text box next to the slider!).


The daz installer should put all of the files for forgotten places in to the correct library folders in the vue library. However if you wish to install theses manually you can run the installer to install to a desk top folder then move the files to your vue library using the following criterial:

To install the items in this product you must open the zip file that contains them. There are two ways of doing this :

If there are specified file paths for the content :
\ More often than not you will see that there are file paths specified for the various items in the zip file. If this is the case then all you have to do is to select extract, make sure that use file paths is ticked in the bottom right hand corner of the select screen, then choose your vue library using the search tools in the main part of the scene.
The files will extract automatically to your vue library and can be found there.

If there are no file paths specified in the zip file (which on rare occasions there won’t be!) you will need to extract :

.vob files to the folder of your choice in the objects folder of your vue library,.
.veg files to the folder of your choice inside the plants folder in your vue library.
.mat files to the folder of your choice inside the materials folder in your vue library.
.atm files to the folder of your choice inside the atmospheres folder in your vue library.
Important note : Do not omit installation of any of the vob objects as if the are not installed they wont appear in the eco systems.

Lonely Places Is a set of thirty landscape materials which will instantly transform your hills, mountains, and meadows into realistic looking terrain. This set of materials for Vue D Esprit 6 is a “must have” addition to your Vue texture library. It fills the need for more distant landscape textures ready made for Vue users who do not want to spend time making their own in Vue's powerful, but sometimes complicated material editor. All of the materials in this pack will create that realistic look without the long render times that adding ecosystems and high definition texture maps to background terrains often do. They come in a range of environments from wintry mountains, moorlands, lush pastures and fields, to desert and barren landscapes, thus insuring that there is something here to suit all of your landscape rendering needs!

Ideal as a backdrop for your imported characters, and set to be altitude and slope influenced so snow, rock, and grass all appear at the appropriate altitude and gradient, setting up a scene couldn’t be easier and can now be done in just a few clicks! These materials look great from the ground as well as from the air, and make wonderful landscapes when “Vued” from dragon back, or from your own two feet!

Using these materials could not be easier, just create a terrain object and then apply the material. you can scale the materials to make them look further away too~!

Many of the materials in this pack will also look good in the foreground , especially if used as a base for an ecosystem. Some also make great rock textures…. so play around with the materials and see what you can do with them….