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Kitty The Forest Elf

Kitty The Forest Elf by dorkati-GHD Kitty The Forest Elf by dorkati is available at

Kitty is a morph, face and character package for Kit. With five full body morphs and 82 head morphs, you can create little fairies, elves, devils and other cute characters from Kit. Most of the morphs are supported for settings greater than 1 or less than 0 value for wide range of variations. Set includes Kit's original clothes with included full body morphs (.CR2 only)

  • Kitty with 5 FBMs and 82 head morphs (full morph list on product page)
  • Original Kit clothes with FBMs - Diaper, Shirt, Booties
  • 58 face presets
  • 2 skin MATs - Real and Forest Elf


Set not includes any geometry or texture files from original Kit pack. In order to use, you have to own Kit - Base pack by Littlefox.


Most of her morphs are supported for settings greater than 1 or less than 0. Kitty has a simple skin and a ForestElf skin. Kitty head dial is in head actor, Forest Elf morphs included as MOR pose.

5 full body morphs included. Kit's base clothes have same full body morphs and they will autoconform if you set an FBM on Kitty. Don't need to adjust all of basic clothes step by step. So you can easy combine body morphs. At some poses maybe need to fix a little that body morphs. Fix morphs are included.