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Enchanted hair


Product: Enchanted hair
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Prettyinpixel
Released: 2008-08-11

Product Information

  • Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base, Carrara 6.2 Pro - Download Version, Carrara 6.2 - Download Version, Carrara 3D Express - Download Version

Product Notes

* Notes from the artist:
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Carrara Folders:
* Scenes:Enchanted
* Presets:Hair:V4:Enchanted
* Presets:Shaders:Enchanted

* Thank you for purchasing Enchanted Hair for V4 and A4 for Carrara 6
* The product contains: 3 different hair objects:
Main hair
Extra Bangs
* Enchanted hair also comes with 5 hair Shaders and 2 Highlights Shaders
* As a bonus you also get a scene file with lights and camera presets as well as render settings.
* Please unzip presets into corresponding folders in Carrara’s presets folders.
* Shaders into Shaders
* Hair into Hair
* Don’t forget to add the Enchanted Folder in the Carrara Browser in Shaders tab.
* To use it After installing hair,
* Load V4 or A4 into scene.
* Make sure the hierarchy is open, so you can see word Model right under V4 or A4.
* Go to Carrara browser on the bottom of the screen and go to Hair folder.
* Then V4, than Enchanted.
* You’ll see Enchanted main drag it onto word Model in the instances Tab on the right. (Make sure you drop it while the word model is highlighted).
* Repeat this action to apply highlights and extra bang if desired.
* To apply different shader choose one from Shaders tab in the Enchanted folder and drag and drop it in the appropriate hair in the Instances Tab.
* This is a dynamic hair which means that with every movement of the figure, even the slightest one dynamic hair will react to it.
* Some poses land themselves better than other for this hair.
* I found it useful sometimes to apply push tool when changing poses.
* Feel free to change the hair count to suit your needs.
* In a bonus file just substitute the sphere with a figure to achieve similar results as in the promotional images.

Resolved Issues

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Known Issues

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File Listing

\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Enchanted\
\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Enchanted\
\Presets\Hair\Victoria 4\Enchanted\
\Presets\Shaders\Enchanted\Enchanted black.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Enchanted\Enchanted brown.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Enchanted\Enchanted purple.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Enchanted\Enchanted red.cbr
\Presets\Shaders\Enchanted\Enchanted red_Highlights.cbr