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Product Name


Product: Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4
Product Code: ps_mr451b
DAZ Original: NO

Product PDF Guide - Adobe Acrobat Required

Are you a clothing designer and wish there was an easier way to get morphs into clothing? Would you like to get smooth results without having to rely on hit or miss 3rd-party applications?

Or maybe you're an end-user who'd like to have frequently used morph targets in your favorite garments?

Well, if yes is the answer to any of these questions, this Kit is for you!

The Clothing MorphKit for Victoria 4 is part of our line of products aimed at helping you add more value to your Poser clothing, whether you like to buy, sell or both.

It features a complete and comprehensive system that works inside of Poser to replicate many of DAZ's key body morphs for Victoria 4 clothing.

Suitable for Poser 5-7, Poser Pro AND DAZ Studio!

Product Information

  • Required Products: Victoria 4 Morphs++
  • You can find icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
    • Figures: “Clothkit”
    • Props: “ClothingMorphKit-V4”
  • You can find the Poser Scripts for using this product in the following Folders:
    • “:Python:poserScripts:Netherworks:ClothingMorphKit3”, “poserScripts\ScriptsMenu\Netherworks\Clothing MorphKit 3”

The Kit includes:

  • A fully illustrated Product PDF Guide (requires Acrobat Reader) with quick and easy steps to walk you through the tool set. Features separate tutorials for Poser and DAZ Studio.
  • Features Customized Smart Magnets which tell the scripts which body parts to select and the name of the morph target to create.
  • 63 Partial and Full Body morphs replicated with Poser Magnets
  • 10 Bonus Adjustment PBMs for tweaking results.
  • Optional anti-crosstalk/superconforming naming
  • 43 specially designed Magnet Sets that replicate the following Victoria 4 Morphs*:
  • Morphs Replicated (grouped by category):
    • Category “A” (Full Body Morphs) - Amazon, BodyBuilder, Bulk, Fitness, Heavy, PearFigure, Thin, Voluptuous, Young
    • Category “B” (Custom Adjustment Morphs) - AdjustButtocks, AdjustCollars, AdjustForearms, AdjustHips, AdjustNeck, AdjustShins, AdjustShldrs, AdjustThighs, AdjustUpTorso, AdjustWaist
    • Category “C” (Upper Torso) - Inhale, LatsSize, NeckThickness, TrapsSize
    • Category “D” (Arm-Hand) - ArmSize, BicepsFlex, ForearmsThickness, ShouldersThickness
    • Category “E” (Breast) - AreolaPerk, BreastDownL, BreastDownR, BreastInL, BreastInR, BreastOutL, BreastOutR, BreastsCleavage, BreastsCleavageWidth, BreastsDiameter, BreastsFlatten, BreastsHangForward, BreastsImplant, BreastsLarge, BreastsNatural, BreastsPerk, BreastsSize, BreastUpL, BreastUpR, Nipples, NipplesDepth, NipplesHeight
    • Category “F” (Lower Torso) - BellySmooth, BellyThickness, BellyThin, HipsCrest, HipsSize, LoveHandleL, LoveHandleR, NavelDepth, Pregnant, StomachDepth, TorsoThickness, TummyOut, WaistWidth
    • Category “G” (Glute) - GluteCreaseL, GluteCreaseR, GluteFlexL, GluteFlexR, GluteRaiseL, GluteRaiseR, GlutesSize
    • Category “H” (Leg-Foot) - CalvesFlex, ShinsThickness, ThighsThickness, ThighsTone
  • Neo-Magnet replacements for the standard Poser magnets. These add crosshairs and guides, making it easier to do precision work.
  • ClothBall figure that allows you to have a figure and clothing both in the scene while using the Sets. It keeps Magnets from influencing things they're not supposed to, which normally happens in Poser.
  • Seven (7) Python Scripts for Poser for quick and easy morph creation using the Magnet Sets. They eliminate all of the mundane tasks involved when using magnets to create full body morphs. Bonus scripts are included to delete all magnets, to turn of IK and zero the figure and clothing. For Poser 7, scripts are replicated on the Scripts Menu and there is an option to send them all to the Python Palette.
  • License and permission to use the end results (morph targets) in your commercial and non-commercial work.

Product Notes

These sets often produce excellent results but approximate morphed areas so you are not going to get polygon-by-polygon accuracy. Tricks and Tips are included for working with non-standard clothing items.


* Commercial and Non-commercial renders and animations are fine.

* The contents of this file may not be redistributed in any form and cannot be included in any archive.

* Morphs that are created with the Magnets in this kit that are made for your own, original clothing can be distributed as you see fit with no royalties to Netherworks Studios. We do not warrant, nor will be held liable, for any other sort of distribution - in other words, contact the orignal author if you wish to distribute the resulting morphs for clothing that you did not create.

* The Magnets in this package may -not- be shared or transferred; for sale or for free, in whole or in part. You can do what you will for personal, private use.


Testimonials from folks who have used used these kits (in a bit earlier versions) to enhance their products:

  • “The Kits are one of the greatest things to come along for clothing creators. It speeds of the process of adding morphs to clothing 100%” - SilverElf
  • “They are awesome.. not only do they help out on outfits that might not have the morph you need for that character.. but you can use these to put morphs into an outfit really easy.” - Lairemjd
  • “These clothing morph kits are the best thing to come along for clothing modellers in a long time. Now you can create FBM and specialised Morphs for clothing models with a few clicks of the mouse. But the biggest asset, in my opinion, is the python scripts that Netherworks has included - they cut down the creation time to minutes, instead of hours. Well done!” - Guarie


If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via messaging at DAZ -OR- through the email link at our website (

Visit our site for further technical support questions or concerns:

Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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