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**Art Nouveau Tile Materials For Vue D Esprit**.

This set of 20 Edwardian and late Victorian Ceramic tile textures, contains Ten Patterns. All patterns come in as new and old and stained versions so that their versatility is increased. They are meant to be used in Vue scenes on the type of surfaces that you would normaly find ceramic tiles on!! ie: Floors, walls, counter tops, pillars, ceilings and the like. They are great for changing the look of an imported daz model (form either poser of DAZ Studio) However in these circumstances you may find that just reducing the texture size value in the top right hand window of vues main screen does not always work. To change the size in this case, open the Material editor either by double clicking on the material preview or by going to the appropriate menu. Click on the Basic Material editor window, and change the values of the Scale of the maps values for bot X and Y . Make sure that you keep the proportions the same for both values - if you start at one and go to 2 then it should be 2 in both values etc. This will not only change the texture map but also the bump and highlight mapping as well!