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J Lol Renaissance Hair


* Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base, Aiko 4 Base

* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:

  • Figures: “J-Lol-Pak”
  • Pose: “JLol-PAK”
    • “1+All-MATS”
    • “2+ALL-STYLES”

*All of this product's items were created solely by HMann (Harvey Mann)

Thank you very much for buying my “J-Lol-Renaissance Hair Pak.” APPLYING AND USING “J Lol Renaissance Hair.”

This is a very simple procedure. First put Vicky 4 or Aiko 4 your Poser scene and make sure you have that figure properly selected.

Then go to the Figures\J-Lol-Pak\1-JLol-Hair and apply the hair as you would apply any other conforming item.

Next go to Poses\JLol-PAK\1+ALL-MATS and apply a texture to either the hair, hat or choker (make sure the hair is selected in your scene.)

Finally go to Poses\JLol-PAK\2+ALL-STYLES and apply a shape (style) to all the 3 items (Hair, Hat and Choker), these are labelled “+All”. Alternatively you can apply a shape to the hair, hat or choker independently, these are also named (EG:- +HAIR, +Hat, zChoker etc.)

NOTE: In the Poses\JLol-PAK\1+ALL-MATS, the “1+Hat_1” MAT file usually goes with the “1-Choker_1” MAT file to be color coordinated. Of course these can be mixed differently (especially in the MASTER PAK) but generally those files look best applied in the above fashion.

NOTE: In the Poses\JLol-PAK\2+ALL-STYLES directory, the file “+ All-ReSet” re sets all morphs including the “FIT-AIKO” morph dial to zero.

The file “+ FIT-AIKO RESET” makes the hair and hat fit Aiko 4 and also re sets all other morph dials to zero.

The file “+ FIT-AIKO-Only” makes the hair and hat fit Aiko 4 but leaves all other morph dials unchanged, this is useful if you have style you like and want to make it fit Aiko only without changing the shape of the hair, choker and hat.


If you wish to apply any morphs on the hair, hat and choker manually then go to the “Main-Hair” category of that figure and you will find the morphs in clearly labelled groups called “FIT, HAIR, HAT, CHOKER and NECK-SOFTEN”.

Simply wind the dial to the right as far as possible or apply 1.000 to fit the hair to Aiko 4 in the “FIT” category.

If you want to use one of the “Cutesy” styles in the “HAIR” category then do the same, and only use one or the other “Cutesy” dials. There are many other dials below these in the “HAIR” category, simply dial them in as you need to in order to create or adjust styles. There are many dials in the “HAT” and “CHOKER” categories too, use the same procedure for these.

The very bottom dial in the “CHOKER” category called “Flower-Move” needs to be dialed as far as possible to the right (1.000) to re locate the flower properly on the choker.

SPECIAL NOTE You will also see the category at the bottom called “NECK-SOFTEN” basically there are 2 dials that take the straight edge out of the hair when V4 or A4's neck is in twist mode. Generally you should twist the main models head by the neck…not the head!

So heres how it works, if you twist v4's neck up to -33% to the right, then manually dial in the “Twist-Soft_33R” to soften the edge on the hair where the twist joint is active, use the “Twist-Soft_33L” if you turn V4's head to the left. Its that simple, dial them in as you need them to soften the twist joints effect on the hair.

NOTE These morphs cannot be used as joint controlled morphs because they work completely in opposite directions on the same joint so they must be dialed in manually.

Thats it, its very simple package to use once you get used to it, when the hair is used with the “MASTER PAK” and with the “Lolita Shoes” it then becomes an awesomely powerful package that not only does amazingly realistic hair, hat and choker styles and colors but is capable of a large range of looks ranging from Japanese Lolita street fashion through to romantic pre war images as well. Happy Rendering.

Harvey Mann