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Belle Arum Hair Bundle

Product: Belle Arum Hair Bundle
Product Code: ps_bn143b
Programs Supported: Poser 5+, DAZ|Studio
DAZ Original: No
Published Artists: Arien, Surreality
Released: June 3, 2008

Belle Arum Hair bundle consists of Belle Arum Hair, and Belle Arum Expansion Pack.


  • two hair objects (hair and flipped version).
  • two hr2 poser hair file (hair and flipped version) * 5 accessories: two hair decorations, one fascinator, two chokers
  • 136 high-resolution textures, transparencies and bump maps, 6 reflection


  • 64 hair colours, 36 accessories colours (6 for each accesory, plus 6 extras for the main decoration) and 162 partial mat poses to apply the original hair colours selectively, plus invisible poses for the tuffs and curls, to give some variation
  • 513 .ds files: complete custom built DAZ|Studio materials settings
  • One pdf file as documentation

Using the Hair

Load Belle Arum Hair from your Hair folder, under WyrdSisters\ Belle Arum. This is an hr2 hair prop, so make sure you have your figure selected when loading it. The hair loads in Cartoon with Lines shading mode, as Poser’s OpenGL implementation can become slow when displaying it in Full Textured mode. We recommend you keep this setting. The hair will render normally.

Supported Figures

  • V4.2
  • A4, A4 Realistic, A4 Realistic Classic, A4 Stylised, A4 American
  • A3, A3 Realistic
  • Stephanie Petite 3
  • Victoria 3
  • Laura
  • Sadie
  • The Girl
  • Miki 2

You only need one of the above to use the hair.

The Morphs

Fits and Adjustments
  • DAZ Characters: Fit morphs for DAZ’ more popular characters: Victoria 4, Aiko 4 and its extra head morphs, Stephanie Petite 3, Aiko 3, Aiko 3 Realistic, Victoria 3, Laura and The Girl; load as normal for your character, then dial the desired morph to 1 to have it fit. If this is a custom character, adjust if necessary using the adjustment morphs.
  • Extra Characters: Fit morphs for other figures: Sadie, Miki2
  • Scalp Adjustments: sometimes custom morphs might create features that are different from the standard character’s head shape, having for instance wider cheekbones. Some extreme poses will do the same when twisting the neck. The Scalp Adjustment morphs will help sort these issues out. The morphs can effectively adjust the whole of the skullcap as required.
Styling Morphs
  • Volume: a morph to give the whole head of hair more volume
  • Curls: morphs are provided for the curls to swing back, front and to each side; to twist, lengthen, shorten, all together and in separate front and back sections.

Material Zones

Belle Arum hair and its accessories were set up so you could create different looks easily, combining and mixing existing overall colours with details in other colours for a different look.

  • Strays: use the partial materials for a stripey look
  • Knots: formed by the chignons and tuffs; turn off the tuff for a more formal style
  • Curls: change colours for a funky style, or turn off for a more formal look
  • Flower: turn the hanging threads on or off
  • Choker Cameo: turn off dangling threads and teardrop pendant to get a traditional cameo choker
  • Hair Flower: turn off the teardrops and add the Fascinator to emphasise the asymmetry of the hair style

The MAT poses for the basic hair can be found under Poses\WyrdSisters\Belle Arum Hair. There are 5 extra folders, that will allow you to apply the full colour, ornaments, and partial poses for strays, knots and curls. As part of a new functionality of Studio, you can find the Studio shaders in the same folder as the Poser shaders; just click on the desired thumbnail and Studio will automatically load the Studio shader instead of the Poser one.

Partial Materials

You can find the partial MATs in your folders 03-05, including poses to make certain parts invisible. They are split as follows:

  • 01 Full Colors: use this first, set up your base colour.
  • 03 Strays Only: use these materials to change the colours of the strays. Poses for turning off both sets of strays for a very tight look.
  • 04 Knots Only: use these materials to change the colours of the chignons, or to make the tuffs invisible.
  • 05 Curls Only: use these materials to change the colours of the curls, or to make them invisible.

The Accessories

There are five accessories included in the Belle Arum package, all of which load in place for the default V4 fit. You can find these in your Props\WyrdSisters\Belle Arum Hair folder. All accesories include fitting morphs. Flipped versions for all accessories are also included.

  • Flower: A floral decoration to go on the side of the hair, on the same side as the chignons. The tails have movement morphs and can be made invisible
  • Choker Flower: A choker repeating the flower motif. Morphs are included for adjusment.
  • Choker Cameo: A traditional choker with a cameo and dangling chains. Morphs are included for adjustment, and for movement. Chains can be made invisible.
  • Hair Flower: Pearls attached to the chignons, with wires wrapping around the head and attaching on the opposite side to a flowery decoration, ideal for fantasy renders or a more romantic look. Pearls can be made invisible, and some morphs are included for adjustment. This item requires that you turn off the tuffs (pose found in the Knots folder)
  • Fascinator: a whispy accesory to combine with the Hair Flower



Each of the materials listed above has been converted by hand into a Studio shader to create the best possible look. As part of a new functionality of Studio, you can find the Studio shaders in the same folder as the Poser shaders; just click on the desired thumbnail and Studio will automatically load the Studio shader instead of the Poser one. These settings use Studio's native shaders, and no extra plugin is required. Be aware that while every effort was made to get the materials as close as possible to Poser’s, in some cases we preferred to play on Studio’s strengths and get them slightly different from the ones displayed in the Poser thumbnails. This is particularly true of the pwSurface Shaders.

pwSurface Shaders

The accessories also have a special set of pwSurface shaders to obtain better results. Be aware that you need pwSurface to be able to use these, and also that the render times will be considerably longer than native Studio shaders. You will find these special shaders in the folder named “pwSurface-STUDIO ONLY” within your “02 Ornaments” folder.


With the new subD functionality introduced with Studio 2.0, you can subdivide any of your content for a smoother appearance. It is suggested that you do this sparingly, although it can really enhance the final results if applied judiciously. To apply subD to any of the items in the package, proceed as follows:

  1. Set up your scene, pose, light, apply shaders as normal. Once you’re ready to do the final render, go to the scene palette and select the item you want subdivided. Go to Edit/Convert to subD.
  2. You will get a dialogue informing you about LoD settings. Click Yes. We suggest a single level of subdivision at render time; it isn’t necessary to subdivide in the viewport.

Lighting model and glossiness

Ideally, hair is supposed to be glossy. Studio provides several ways of achieving this, but it also depends a lot on the lighting rig in use for your renders. The hair materials for Studio have been set up using PLASTIC as the lighting model, for general renders. If you find that you require hair that is more glossy, you could adjust this by selecting all the materials in Belle Arum hair and changing the lighting model to GLOSSY (Plastic); you can also adjust the glossiness value up, and finally lightening up the colour. If you want to do this, a quick way is to use the “Glossier” material included. Make sure your hair is selected when doing this. Please note that this is a Studio-only material.