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====== By The Sword ======

Classic Fantasy Poses for V4 and V4 Male

General Usage Instructions


If you are using the Scaled V4 male, you will need to use the Scaled Duo poses as well; these poses have been modified just slightly in order to compensate for the extra height.

Duo Pose 4 does not work unless you are using the Scaled version of V4 Male; as such it is missing from the standard Duo Pose set and only exists in the Scaled set.

Because V4 and V4 Male are the same figure, ALL POSES are interchangeable for both figures. For instance, you can have V4 and V4 Male in a sword fight, two V4s or two V4 males.

**Body and Facial Shaping and Scaling**

You must inject the Elite, Morphs++ and Muscle morphs in order to take advantage of the body and facial shaping. If you do not own all three you will still get a bit of the stylized look as it uses all three sets, but you will not get the whole effect without all three sets. Morphs may be injected either before or after injecting the By The Sword body and facial shapes.

To remove both the Barbarian body shape and scale and put the V4 Male feet back on the floor you MUST use the REM Barbarian body pz2

**Hand Poses**

Sword grip poses are provided for the Angeluz sword and the Historical Armor sword. They are provided for both left and right hands. Angeluz comes with smart props for both left and right hands. The Historical Armor automatically smart props to the right hand but there is a left hand pose included in the MAT files.