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Howler Demon

When the moon is full and darkness enshrouds the earth, creatures awaken with a hungerous intent. The baleful howls that fill the night may be the last sound unwary travelers hear.

  • Howler Werewolf Character for Nybras
    • 1 Howler INJ for Nybras
    • 3 Howler Fur options
  • Textures
    • 3 Body Textures (4000×4000)
    • 1 Body Bump Map (4000×4000)
    • 1 Eyes Texture (1024×1024)
    • 3 Head Textures (4000×4000)
    • 1 Head Bump Map (4000×4000)
    • 3 Wing Textures (4000×4000)
    • 1 Wing Bump Map (4000×4000)
  • MAT Poses to Apply All Options (.PZ2)
  • P6 Material Presets to Apply All Options (.MC6)

And for those who enjoy the Zone-D Collector Card game, here is a sample card for your collection, please feel free to print and play as you desire. (for personal use only)