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Draconian Warcow a'Tack Pack


Product Code: ps_ac2584b
DAZ Original: No
Released: March 13, 2008

Forum Launch Thread:

Product Information

 *  Required Products: Draconian WarCow\\
 *  You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:\\
   *  Figures: "Gareee:WarCow"\\
   *  Materials: "Gareee:WarCow"\\
   *  Pose: "Gareee:WarCow"\\

Product Notes

Detailed Instructions for the Draconian WarCow a'Tack Pack are Available

Material Presets for DAZ Studio and Poser now Consolidated

DAZ Studio Users:
You will no longer need to go to a separate DAZ Studio folder to apply the DAZ Studio Material Presets. Simply apply the MAT Pose from the Poser Pose→Gareee→WarCow directory. There is no longer a separate DAZ Studio installer for the DAZ Studio Presets.

Poser Users:
It is recommended that you do not delete the .DS files from within the product's MAT Pose directory. They will not show up as extra files within Poser, but are required to use the product with DAZ Studio 2.0.

Details on Material Preset changes:
DAZ Studio 2.0 has a new function that allows DAZ Studio and Poser MAT Pose files (and other presets) to co-exist within the same directory while only displaying a single set of files to the user within the Content Tab.

If both DAZ Studio and Poser MAT Pose files are installed, DAZ Studio will automatically apply the DAZ Studio MAT Pose file and ignore the Poser version.

If no DAZ Studio MAT Pose file is found, but the Poser MAT Pose file is installed, then DAZ Studio will apply the Poser MAT Pose file.

Both the Poser (.PZ2) and DAZ Studio (.DS or .DSB) files will share one thumbnail. No matter which program you use, the correct settings will be loaded, as each program effectively ignores the other program's files. This eliminates the need to install two separate files – Poser files to one location, and DAZ Studio Presets to another location.

This is backwards compatible with most content. As long as your .DS or .DSB is named exactly the same as the .PZ2, they will function correctly and you may consolidate your presets to a single directory manually, if you choose. This will also work with any Poser and DAZ Studio files of the same type. For example: Poser .LT2 Light Presets and DAZ Studio .DS or .DSB Light Presets can be combined in this way. Poser .CM2 Camera Presets and DAZ Studio .DS Camera Presets can be combined in this way.

Currently, if you have a Poser Prop or Figure file that loads an Object and also applies textures, placing a .DS or .DSB by the same name in the same folder will cause DAZ Studio to load the Materials outlined by the DAZ Studio .DS preset file ONLY. It will not load the object, so will not work correctly.

Detailed Instructions:

Thank you for purchasing the Draconian Warcow a'Tack set.

All figures load without textures, so you can pose, conform/parent them, and just load textures when you are ready to render. MAT poses are provided for Poser 5/6/7 use. DS and material collections are provided as well for .DS and Poser 6+.

All Tack figures are designed with “use limits” turned on.

Each tack component has unique features to its use.


Loads centered roughly where a rider would be positioned. Position it near whichever hand you want it to be in, and then parent it to that hand. Select it's handle for fine tuning it's position in the hand itself.

Selecting it's handle also gives you access to it's lengthen crop, spiral side, and spiral bend controls. Select the group closest to the handle on the “whip” to access it's easypose controls. You can also save poses for it as well to your pose library if you choose.


Rather then just provide a simple prop barrel, I modeled it so it can be reused as an independant prop. You can rotate it to place it on the ground in a scene. Selecting the top allows you to fully translate, rotate or reposition it as you choose. It has full 3d modeling if you chose to do a shot inside the barrel itself. Just add pickles.. :) Select it's body for translation and rotation by it's “middle”, and select the base for control of it's rotation or translation by it's “base”. Parent it to the Tack Main figure.


The flag actually has dual easypose built in, simple bending for the flagpole itself, and full easypose controls for the flag.

Select the bottom flagpole group (flagbase)for rotation or translation based on the flagpole's bottom. You'll also find the flagpole's easypose bend controls here. Select the group where the flag wraps around the flagpole for the flg's easypose spiralbend and spiralside controls, and select flag 0 for the flag's lengthen control, as well as it's main easypose controls.\

Select the flagpole tip, and you have full scaling options available, to use the flagpole as a lance rather then as a flag! (Optionally, you could also hide the flagpole tip for a different appearance option.) The included show hide poses for the flag are options for lance uses.

For general use, load the flag, and load the pack. the flagpole should be parented to the flag holder on the pack. (It has rotation and positioning options available to have the flagmount standard, raised up or down, or tilted backwards.)

(TIP: the flag has a very fine detailed mesh texture and transparency. In poser set pixel samples in advanced to 8, and shading rate down to 0 for it's best render quality, and to eliminate possible “moire” render distortion. (You need finer render settings for small detail like that.) Also note the flag's semi transparency when compositing images with it. You may want to duplicate the render layer 2 or 3 times, and merge them, for a fully solid flag appearance.)


The back has opening side and top flaps, and interiors, so you can place objects in them for more detailed renders. These are each made up of two groups, and are independantly posable. To make use easier, however I've included erc controls in the main body AND sachel group, to open and close them completely, so they “unfold” automatically as you open them. Fun to play with when you are bored! ;)

The Flag mount is a separate group. Once you load the flag, parent it to the flagmount on the pack. That way, if you tilt the flagmount, or translate it, the flag will “follow” it. It has x rotation and full translation on so you can tilt the flagmount if you choose, and translate it to change it's postion. (Tilting it also comes in handy for animation porposes, combined with the flag's bending options!) Since flagpole holder on the side is a separate group, it can be hidden as a additional style option.

The pack alternately could be loaded and parented to any figure as a backpack, and the flag could even be added to it as well. Just postwork in some straps, and you get more use from the pack!


This is conforming, and conforms to the WarCow himself. Simply load it, conform it, and then apply the material setting of choice. One additional option someone requested, was to hide he yoke, so it could be repurposed on another animal's back, so per that request, a “hide yoke” pose is included. If you use it on another animal, simply parant it to the back. Since the hide yoke pose includes both mat changes and group hide changes, you'll need to delete it from a scene, and reload it to restore the yoke. Also of note: on real animals wearing a yoke restricts their neckand head posability…and the same holds true for the WarCow.

WcTack Main:

Ah, the meat and potatoes of the set! Lots of options here, gang. Strap in!

The tack parents to the WarCow's back, but could also be parented to any other animal's back if it fits them. With this in mind, you can attach everything to the tack main as described, and then select the tack's body, and scale everything up or down in size. As you scale it down, it will lower, and as you scale it up, it will raise. This might make fitting it easier.

Both the seat bottom and back are scalable, and also tiltable OR hideable to maximise appearance options. Selecting the seat bottom reveals dial controls for hiding the armrests sizing them, or hiding the pommel as well.

Selecting the tack frame reveals a “backless” morph option.. (For the tack without the pack, flag or barrel).

Selecting Awning reveals the tilt awning control.

Selecting Awning 2 give you not only awning tilt, bend and twist options, but since there are so many tassel groups attached, control of them as well.

You can elect to tilt the awing from side to side, and the tassles to varying degree will follow that movement. You can tilt the awning front to back, and the tassels also will bend along with it in a more realistic fashion. You can also control the side to side or back to front tassel swinging with the additional ERC controls. With just a few dials, you can create very complex animation, and they are just darned fun to play with on a rainy day! ;)

Again since there are a lot of involved groups, you'll also find included poses to hide or show the complete awning structure, as an additional appearance option.

Whew! Lots of fun stuff to play with here, and I hope you lke the result as much as I liked creating it.

Gary Tabar Jr. (Gareee)

GFT Productions

Please feel free to email me at for questions or tips as well.

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WcRiding Crop.cr2
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WcTack Main.cr2
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WcTack Main.mc6
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Awning Off.png
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Awning On.png
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Flag OFF.png
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Flag ON.png
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WcTack Main.png
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