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Indie Hair for Carrara 6



This is the product's Readme file.

Required Products:

  • Required Products: Aiko 4 Base, Carrara 3D Express - Download Version, Carrara 6.2 - Download Version, Victoria 4.2 Base, Hiro 3.0, Aiko 3.0 Base, David Base, Stephanie 3.0 Petite Base, Michael 3.0 Base, Victoria 3.0 Base
  • You can find new presets/files for Carrara in the following folder(s):
    • “Presets:Hair:Other:Hairstyles - Balaenanun”
    • “Presets:Shaders:misc:Hairstyles - Balaenanun:Indie Hair”
  • View files installed for this product: IndieHairC6LIST.txt

Product Notes

  • How to add your Runtime folder to Carrara 6:
    • Go to the “Content” tab in your Carrara setup room.
    • Click on the tiny triangle at the top-right of the tab.
    • Choose “Add Runtime”.
    • Select your Runtime folder.
    • All of your Poser library files will now be visible in the content tab.
    • For more help with importing Poser content, please read the C6 manual, or visit the tutorials section and the forums at
  • How to use the hairstyle for Carrara 6:
    • In order to load the hair:
      • Load the figure using your Content tab in your Presets panel.
      • Click on one of the Indie Hair versions in the “Objects\Hair\Other\Hairstyles - Balaenanun” folder (in the Presets panel).
      • Drag it and drop it on your figure's head in the Instance panel (to access the figure's body parts, click on the small triangle next to its name in the scene Instance panel, on the right of the program's interface).
      • The hair object loads with an invisible skullcap.
      • There is a version of the straight hairstyle specifically adapted to Aiko 3 and 4 and Hiro 3 (because they have a larger head).
    • In order to fit the hair to your figure/character:
      • By default, the hair base fits the base Victoria 4 figure.
      • If you're using a different figure/character, you need to use one of the included morphs.
      • Click on the skullcap (“Morphing hair base”), then click on the “Morph area list” in the General tab. The available morphs will appear in the “Current area” window. Set the morph value (for example “Aiko 4”) to 1.0
      • You may need to scroll down the morph list to find the appriate morph.
      • Note that the V4 base also fits V4 male by defaut because he has the same skull shape.
      • You only need to choose one morph ; there is no need to activate both Aiko 4 and A4 Realistic, for example.
    • If you want to change the hair color:
      • Select the hair object.
      • In your Shaders tab, go to “Shaders\misc\Hairstyles - Balaenanun”.
      • Enter the folder that corresponds to the name of the hair style (“Indie Hair”).
      • Click on the color of your choice.
      • Drag and drop it on the hair object.
    • Additional notes :
      • If you don't see the product in your presets, because you have installed the product when Carrara was opened, select the “Objects\Hair\Other” folder and then click on “Update folder” in the options on the top-right of the Presets panel. Do the same for the “Shaders\misc” folder. You can also simply close and restart Carrara 6.
      • You will only see the real appearance of the hair and the real look of the colors after you render.
      • You can also alter the colors simply by going to the texturing room. Most shaders are very simple, some others use mixers to combine several colors and create streaks. The hair base is UV-mapped, so you can make texture maps for it using the template. For more information on the Texture room and Carrara 6 hair, please see your C6 manual and for tutorials and forums.
      • Depending on the pose of your figure you may need to brush the hair or drape it.

You will find tutorials and support on my website