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Saloon Action


Product: Saloon Action
Product Code: ps_mo370
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Don Albert
Released: March 27, 2008

Product Information
* Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Base, David Base, The Old West Saloon
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Camera: “Saloon Action”
* Pose: “Saloon Action”

Product Notes
* For best results turn OFF Inverse Kinematics (IK) when applyng and re-saving poses. Turn Limits OFF. Poses were generally designed within mesh limits. Turn Limits OFF in Poser when applying or saving hand poses (.hd2 files) to the Library in Poser.
* All of the figure poses load in relation to the default loading of the saloon interior. All human models are meticulously fitted to the saloon. The majority of figure poses are zeroed at the Hip's X- and Z-axes, which allows for easy rotations and movements with no tilting.
* All V4 poses were made using the Western Boots and the boots from the West Wild outfit. Poses for D3 were made with The Gunslinger boots and the Steampunk Cowboy boots. Using other footwear may require some adjustment to the floor.
* See the Smart Props folder in the ReadMe folder. Inside are screen captures showing how to attach various props to the figures. Import the prop, attach it to the designated hand-Parent (or, the Chest for the Spanish guitar) and then key in the values shown in the Parameter Dial settings. The props will snap into place and follow the action.
* The props shown can be found in the Platinum Club. The revolver is from The Gunslinger set and the mugs and bottles are from The Tavern. The guitar is from the Spanish Rose -- Serenade set.
* You can apply a seated pose to D3 and then apply the various seated partial poses to move him around the table. The V4.2 figure can also be moved to different chairs manually by rotating her Hip's Y-axis and moving her to a new seat. Be sure to first apply the chair poses for Table 4. To seat figures at other tables, select the body of a chair, then move it with Parameter Dials. Move the figures to the other tables.
* You can also use the partial seated poses to make new poses at the table. Apply one of your other poses to V4 or D3 and then apply a seated pose. You can populate the whole saloon in this manner.
* There are 12 Main Camera settings included for easier scene set-ups.

* Files installed for this product:

\Libraries\Camera\Saloon Action\
———————————————————— Saloon-MC01.cm2
———————————————————— \Libraries\Pose\Saloon Action\

!Chair - Table4_Back V4.png
!Chair - Table4_Back.png
!Chair - Table4_Front.png
!Chair - Table4_Left.png
!Chair - Table4_Right.png
_Partial_Sit_Back V4.png
Busted Cowboy.png
Busting Cowboy-1.png
Busting Cowboy-2.png
Checking the Crowd.png
Drinking Beer.png
Ordering a Drink.png
Rejected Cowpoke.png
Rejecting Cowpoke.png
Serving Beer.png
Setting Up Bottles.png
Sharing a Beer.png
Singing to Cowboys.png
Surveying the Crowd.png
Table4-Hands Up.png
Table4-Ordering More.png
Table4-Pulling Iron.png
Waiting for Business.png
Walking By Table.png
Welcoming Cowboys 2.png
Welcoming Cowboys.png
!Chair - Table4_Back V4.pz2
!Chair - Table4_Back.pz2
!Chair - Table4_Front.pz2
!Chair - Table4_Left.pz2
!Chair - Table4_Right.pz2
_Partial_Sit_Back V4.pz2
Busted Cowboy.pz2
Busting Cowboy-1.pz2
Busting Cowboy-2.pz2
Checking the Crowd.pz2
Drinking Beer.pz2
Ordering a Drink.pz2
Rejected Cowpoke.pz2
Rejecting Cowpoke.pz2
Serving Beer.pz2
Setting Up Bottles.pz2
Sharing a Beer.pz2
Singing to Cowboys.pz2
Surveying the Crowd.pz2
Table4-Hands Up.pz2
Table4-Ordering More.pz2
Table4-Pulling Iron.pz2
Waiting for Business.pz2
Walking By Table.pz2
Welcoming Cowboys 2.pz2
Welcoming Cowboys.pz2

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