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Egyptian Action for V3 Male


Product: Egyptian Action for V3 Male
Product Code: ps_mo356
DAZ Original: YES
Created By: Don Albert
Released: March 14, 2008

Product Information
* Required Products: Victoria 3.0 Male Morph Pack
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Pose: “Egyptians_V3Male_DA”
* Props: “3Don Props”

Product Notes
* Because of the variability of the V3 Male morphs. Best results are had when with “mp_smooth 1” and keeping “arm_length 0”. Otherwise pose adjustments might need to be adjusted slightly.
* The Crook and Flail are one of many Platinum Club Member's Only Forum Freebies and can be downloaded here:
* The “Partial_Sitting” pose can be combined with other poses to make various new sitting poses. Click on the pose you like, then apply the partial one to combine them.
* Turn OFF Inverse Kinematics (IK) before applying poses. For best results, turn OFF Limits. Poses were mostly designed within (mesh) limits. Be sure Limits are OFF when applying and saving any hand poses in Poser.
* Porter poles are smart props and only pose correctly in Poser 5+
* To use the crook and flail poses:
* Use the Loader pose to set the figure.
* Add the props with the content browser.
* Use the prop poses on the props to adjust the prop rotation.
* Parent them…:
* …in Poser using the 'conform→ to figure' option.
* …in DAZ Studio using the 'fit to' setting in the property browser.
* To use the pole poses, set the pose to Porter Back V3M, select the figure first, and then add the left and right pole prop.

* Files installed for this product:


———————————————————— \Libraries\Pose\Egyptians_V3Male_DA\

Crook V3M.png
Flail V3M.png
Partial_Sitting V3M.png
Guard 01 V3M.png
Guard Bowing V3M.png
Guard Pledging V3M.png
Guard Ready V3M.png
Guard Running V3M.png
Harvesting Papyrus V3M.png
Pharaohs Stance V3M.png
Pharaoh Archer V3M.png
Pharaoh Clapping V3M.png
Pharaoh Praying V3M.png
Pharaoh Served V3M.png
Pharaoh Sitting V3M.png
Pharaohs Audience V3M.png
Pharaohs Blessing V3M.png
Pharaohs Standard V3M.png
PharaohStatuesque V3M.png
Porter Back V3M.png
Porter Front V3M.png
Porter2 Back V3M.png
Porter2 Front V3M.png
Queen Serving.png
Queens Affection.png
Statuesque Queen.png
Crook V3M.pz2
Flail V3M.pz2
Partial_Sitting V3M.pz2
Guard 01 V3M.pz2
Guard Bowing V3M.pz2
Guard Pledging V3M.pz2
Guard Ready V3M.pz2
Guard Running V3M.pz2
Harvesting Papyrus V3M.pz2
Pharaohs Stance V3M.pz2
Pharaoh Archer V3M.pz2
Pharaoh Clapping V3M.pz2
Pharaoh Praying V3M.pz2
Pharaoh Served V3M.pz2
Pharaoh Sitting V3M.pz2
Pharaohs Audience V3M.pz2
Pharaohs Blessing V3M.pz2
Pharaohs Standard V3M.pz2
PharaohStatuesque V3M.pz2
Porter Back V3M.pz2
Porter Front V3M.pz2
Porter2 Back V3M.pz2
Porter2 Front V3M.pz2
Queen Serving.pz2
Queens Affection.pz2
Statuesque Queen.pz2
———————————————————— \Libraries\Props\3Don Props\

Porter Pole Left.png
Porter Pole Right.png
Porter Pole Left.pp2
Porter Pole Right.pp2

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