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Naime for V4/A4


Product: Naime for V4/A4
Product Code: ps_mr346b \\| DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Thorne
Released: February 16, 2008

Product Information
* Required Products: Aiko 4, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Pose: “ThorneWorks:! ! Naime”

Product Notes
* Load the V4 figure from your Poser Library.
DO NOT include background characters, such as skydomes, or any other characters before applying the custom morph injections to V4. This will avoid any crosstalk problems with other characters.
* Apply the morph injection poses and texture MAT files.
* After the custom injection poses have been applied, other figures, clothing, etc. may be safely added to your scene.
* !!CUSTOM EYES PLACEMENT!!! (PLEASE READ) * Because this character is created using CUSTOM morph targets, the eye positions and scaling are adjusted to fit the new face. Most poses available DO NOT REMOVE the built-in eye translations that Poser automatically included when saving a pose. Applying poses therefore may result in the custom eye positions being changed with “eye-popping” effects. Although translation restraints are in place on this character's eyes, some poses may still change the postions. THIS IS EASY TO FIX using one of the following THREE METHODS:
* A special pose file named “4_NaimeEyes_FIX” is included in Naime's pose folder. Apply this pose to your V4 figure any time AFTER applying Naime's INJ pose to reset the eyeballs to the proper positions and scale values for this character.
* Each eyeball is “memorized” in the correct position by the injection pose file(s). Select each eye separately and apply the Poser menu function “Edit:Restore:Element”. This resets the eyes to the correct position.
* The last method that can be used to reset the eyeball positions is to simply re-apply the head injection pose. This will not effect the head morph if it is already injected, but it will reset the eyes to their proper values for this custom character.

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