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Warrior Maiden Okami


Product: Warrior Maiden Okami
Product Code: ps_mr330b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: surreality
Released: January 22, 2008

Product Information
* Required Products: Aiko 4.0 Base, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++
* You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Poser libraries:
* Pose: “Surreality:Okami:1 Morphs-Basic Setup”
* “Surreality:Okami:2 Traditional Styles”
* “Surreality:Okami:3 Fantasy Styles”
* “Surreality:Okami:4 Body Painted Styles”

Product Notes
* Okami comes with a broad range of makeup styles to best help you customize the look you want for her.
* Each of the included options has a matte version and two different glossy versions with advanced shader effects applied.
* You can mix and match not only the colors, but the level of shine and gloss for each one.
* Lip, eye makeup, lashes, and nail polish apply separately so you can better customize her look.
* Makeup options in the Traditional Styles and Fantasy Styles folders are for use with the natural skin (Nude) only.
* Makeup options in the Body Painted Styles folder are for use with the painted skins (Traditional, YukiOnna, DragonLily, Deco) only.
* A pose file is included to turn on V4 or A4's brows and make them visible with optimal settings for use with Okami's skin shader. * You can find this pose file in the Morphs+Setup+Basics folder. * Natural style brows in colors for use with the natural skin, traditional makeup styles, and fantasy makeup styles are shown on the natural skin color. * Natural style brows in colors for use with the body painted skin styles are shown on the white body painted face.
* 'PaintedCUSTOM' style brows is included for those who want a specific anime or fantasy style look, and need an exotic brow color with the body painted styles.
* To adjust this color to your liking, go into the material room in Poser.
* Click on the advanced tab.
* You will see a node there called 'COLOR_INPUT_2'. (You will see Input_1 and Input_2 there.)
* Click on the rectangle of color on the Input_2 line.'
* A color picker should appear that will allow you to change the color to anything you wish. (Note: some colors will look better than others.)
* A test render of the brow area is recommended if you want to do precise color matching with other elements of your scene, since the color will not appear in the preview.
* You will see five brow styles marked 'DrawnCUSTOM' in the Morphs+Setup+Basics folder.
* These are styles that work best for anime or fantasy looks.
* They will work with either the natural or body painted skins equally well and are designed to allow you to change their color in Poser's material room.
* Simply change the Diffuse Color in the material room to the color you want the style to be, and you're done; you don't need to change anything else.

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