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1002 Nights - Party Light Set D|S

Product Code: ds_ap019b
DAZ Original: NO
Created By: Dreamlight
Released: May 23, 2007

Product Information

  • Required Products: A Thousand and Two Nights
  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following DAZ|Studio folders:
    • Lights: “1002 Nights Light Set - Party”
  • View files installed for this product: 1002 NightsLightSet-PartyList.txt

Product Notes

  • To use the light set:
    1. Load the 1002 Nights prop.
    2. Load the Light Set by double clicking on the Load Light set icon in your /content/Lights/1002 Nights Light Set - Party (DAZ|Studio only) folder.
    3. Select the camera angle
    4. Render
  • You may add your own lights before or after adding this light set.
  • Note that most graphics cards can only preview up to 8 lights at the same time.
  • This light set is compatible with the Studio Light PRO by Dreamlight.
  • Support for this product and all the other Dreamlight products is provided via the DAZ Forums.
  • To get help, visit the corresponding product webpage, and click the forum support link.
  • Have FUN!

Installed Files

\Content\Lights\1002 Nights Light Set - Party
1002 Nights Light Set Party.daz
1002 Nights Light Set Party.daz.png