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RM Oksana for V4


Product: RM Oksana for V4
Product Code: ps_mr274b
DAZ Original: Yes
Created by: Rebelmommy
Released: May 21, 2007

Product Information

Required Products: Victoria 4.2 Morphs + +

Product Notes

  • You can find new icons for loading this product in the following Libraries:
    • Pose: “RM Oksana”

Oksana for V4
by Rebelmommy a.k.a Amy Galloway
Author E-mail:
Copyright April 2007 - All Rights reserved

Product requirements:
Poser 5/6/7 or DAZ Studio and Victoria 4.0 morphs + +

Thank you for purchasing Oksana for V4. I hope that you will enjoy creating with her as much as I do!

!! Important notes!!

This file includes a seperate DS bump map in order to ensure that when using DS you get the proper effect please load the default MAT and then apply the DAZ Studio BUMP! It also includes a lip gloss setting (for Poser ONLY) which is greatly dependant on your scene lighting. The lip gloss is very lighting dependent.

Artist's Acknowledgments:

Usage rights:

You may NOT use this product in creation of your own commercial character textures.
You can use this product freely in any kind of renders, commercial or non commercial.
You are not allowed to give it away as a gift unless given as such through the store you purchase from.
You are not allowed to share this file or any parts of it on a peer to peer network for other people to download, nor may you place it on any server, public or private where others may access it. You may not sell this package in anyway, in part or in whole.
You are not allowed to use any part of these textures for free character textures.

Known Issues

  • None


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Thank you and enjoy your new products!

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Draper, UT 84020
Phone:(801) 495-1777
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TOLL-FREE 1-800-267-5170

File Listing

\Runtime\Libraries\Pose\RM Oksana\

! !RM Oksana Bd-INJ.png
! !RM Oksana Bd-REM.png
! !RM Oksana Hd-INJ.png
! !RM Oksana Hd-REM.png
! RM Oksna MAT.png
! RM OksnaMAT DSB.png
1 Oks I Blu.png
1 Oks I Brn.png
1 Oks I Dft.png
1 Oks I Grn.png
1 Oks I Gry.png
2 Oks MU1.png
2 Oks MU2.png
2 Oks MU3.png
2 Oks MU4.png
2 Oks MU5.png
3 Oks Lp Dft.png
3 Oks Lp Gls.png
3 Oks Lsh Dft.png
3 Oks Lsh Fl.png
! !RM Oksana Bd-INJ.PZ2
! !RM Oksana Bd-REM.PZ2
! !RM Oksana Hd-INJ.PZ2
! !RM Oksana Hd-REM.PZ2
! RM Oksna MAT.pz2
! RM OksnaMAT DSB.pz2
1 Oks I Blu.pz2
1 Oks I Brn.pz2
1 Oks I Dft.pz2
1 Oks I Grn.pz2
1 Oks I Gry.pz2
2 Oks MU1.pz2
2 Oks MU2.pz2
2 Oks MU3.pz2
2 Oks MU4.pz2
2 Oks MU5.pz2
3 Oks Lp Dft.pz2
3 Oks Lp Gls.pz2
3 Oks Lsh Dft.pz2
3 Oks Lsh Fl.pz2


hideRM OksanaH-head.pz2
hideRM OksanaN-neck.pz2
injRM OksanaH-head.pz2
injRM OksanaN-neck.pz2
remRM OksanaH-head.pz2
remRM OksanaN-neck.pz2
showRM OksanaH-head.pz2
showRM OksanaN-neck.pz2

\Runtime\Textures\RM Oksana\